This Is A Short Essay On Why The Roman Empire Fell.

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Why the Roman Empire FellThe Roman Empire was one of the greatest in history until it fell. The Roman Empire fell for many reasons. Some of the problems were inside the empire and some of them were from outside the empire. Drastic drops in the economy, a decaying government, Germanic peoples invading, and the Huns moving into the empire were just a few of the reasons the Roman Empire fell.Drastic drops in the economy started the Empire's decline. One reason the economy dropped was that hostile tribes and pirates on the Mediterranean disrupted trade. Another reason was that the wealthy spent money on luxury items from places like China, India and Arabia, which depleted the empire's treasury of gold and silver. The government raised taxes to pay its mounting expenses. The government also minted coins with less and less silver in them. Then the economy started to suffer from inflation, which is a drastic drop in the value of currency along with a rise in prices. Agriculture also faced very serious problems. Harvests in Western Europe and Italy became very meager because of the overworked soil losing its fertility. Then there was the decaying government.Loyalty to the Roman Empire was a key problem. Before the 2nd Century, Romans cared so deeply about their republic that they would die for it willingly. The local officials were making money from their positions and holding them was considered an honor. During and after the 200's no one really cared for it any more and local officials were losing money because they had to pay for things like public baths and circuses, which were costly. Very few people chose to serve the government under those terms and it was no longer an honor. The only people that remained...

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618 words - 2 pages crisis during the 2nd and 3rd centuries•This is one of the reasons the empire fell•The emperors did not have enough money to pay their soldiers who were needed to defend the borders•As a result there were harmful taxations and emperors could not provide peace needed•Slavery also played an important part of economic instability in the empire•The used of slaves prevented them from creating and coming up with new inventions

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609 words - 2 pages vision, I wonder how the path of Christianity within the Roman Empire might have fared. The message of Christianity was love; as Jesus had ministered to take great care in the spirit, to love one's neighbor as wall as one's enemy, and that all would be judged eventually. This is contradictory to why Constantine actually chose to move in the direction of Christianity, since he took a symbol of God into war and professed to be victorious

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1079 words - 4 pages and more effective weaponry, the Roman Army was an unstoppable force. As their empire grew so did their arsenal of weaponry and consequently the effectiveness of the Roman Army. A prime example of how the Romans adapted weaponry that they encountered was the Gladius Hispaniensis. This was a Spanish long sword that was 34” in length. The Romans utilized the Gladius, as it is commonly know, in chariot warfare. Previously they had used their own

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2391 words - 10 pages privilege did not allow them to vote excluding the local level, but these people greatly esteemed the fact of being a Roman citizen with legal and economic privileges. The invasions of the empire slowly but surely transformed the nature of Roman society. A main basis for this change was that the very thought of "Roman" had been modified as Rome's leaders expanded citizenship to all Italians and to millions of provincials. It is hard to generalize

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