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This Is A Report About Analysis Of Ryanair. Including The Marco And Mircoenviroments Anlysis And Suggestions In 2008.

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Ryanair Report1. Executive summaryIn 2008, the economic of recession have heavily affected almost all of industries. The crude oil price experienced a comic performance. The price difference is turbulent from top to down. So, what about air industry? When the crude oil price is high, the air companies have to face a high-cost burden. But when the price is down, the economic has fallen that means the need for travelling, business and transportations are declining.Today, we need to analyze the Ryanair-an air company in EU, which famous on his low price of running business way. This company is running different fly routes in EU. With the development in these 10 years, the Ryanair's low price strategy attracts many customers. It offers consumers an opportunity to travelling or visiting friends in a cheap way. Now, it has been a successful model in air industry and facts show this kind of strategy is accepted by consumers. But when this kind of model proves it is successful and profitable, the new entrants will join this game. Sometimes it always copies the previous one. For example, similar price of strategy, the same way of business running process and same demography.The aim for this report is to make use of different ways to analyze the environments in Ryanair Company. To get some useful information and clues, we have to look for more materials to refer and use our understanding to write down the report.This report is focusing on the environment analysis including macro and microenvironments. And the other part is about competition like easyJet, SAS air companies. Another part is attractive on customer analysis and some suggestion for the Ryanair in 2008.Table of contents1. Executive summary……………………………………..……………………………………….……22. Introduction……………………………………….…….……………………………………….……4Introduction to the Ryanair………………………………………………………………………….4Introduction to the air industry in EU……………………………………………………………….43. PESTEL...

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