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The Republic of Colombia is the fourth largest country in SouthAmerica. It is locatedat the north-western tip of the continent. Its neighbors are Brazil andVenezuela to the east,Panama to the north-west, and Ecuador and Peru to the south. Colombiais the only SouthAmerican country that's coast is on the Pacific Ocean and the CaribbeanSea. There are eightislands under Colombian rule, and they are San Andres, Providencia, SanBernado, Islas delRosario, Isla Fuerte, Gorgona, Gorgonilla, and Malpelo.Colombia's terrain is about 45% mountainous. The major mountain chainis theAndes, which is the longest and second highest mountain chain in theworld. The are threemountain ranges in Colombia that form the Andes. These are known asCordilleras, whichmeans range. The Cordillera Occidental is 680 miles long and is about6,500 ft. high. Thisrange is on the western area that stretches from the equator to theCaribbean Sea. TheCordillera Oriental is the longest range, at 750 miles long, and 8,530ft. high and it cuts fromnorthern Colombia to southern Colombia. The Cordillera Central islocated in the center ofthe country and is 689 miles long and 10,827 ft. high making it thehighest cordillera. Thehighest mountain point in Colombia is the Sierra Nevada at 19,055 ft.high. There are lots ofvolcanoes in Colombia. The Cumbal is 17,500 ft. high, the Chiles is16,900 ft. high, thePurace is 17,060 ft. high, and the Pan de Azucar is 16,840 ft. high.The eastern region of Colombia is a grassy lowland. 1/6 of Colombia isuninhabited glacierland, and 1/5 is high plateau.Colombia has many rivers. The most important river is the Magdalenawhich is 965miles long and flows north to the Caribbean Sea. Others are the Meta,the Amazon, theGuaviare, and the Putamayo. There aren't many lakes in Colombia. Thelargest lake inColombia is Lake Cocha and is not very important.If it wasn't for the Andes mountain location, Colombia would have anextremely highclimate since it is near the equator. However, Colombia's climate isstrictly related to thealtitude of the land and varies greatly from section to section. Thehot region of Colombia hasan average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and are from sea levelto three thousandfeet. This area is along the Pacific coast and in the eastern jungleregion. Regions from threeto six thousand feet above sea level have an average temperature of 65.5degrees Fahrenheit.This area is in the northern section of the Andes and are mostlyagricultural. Regions from sixto nine thousand feet above sea level have an average temperature of53.6 degreesFahrenheit, and are considered cold. Most Colombians live in thisregion. Areas that areabove nine thousand feet above sea level are the severely cold regionsand are and have anaverage temperature of below 53 degrees Fahrenheit.The winter months in Colombia are May, June, July, August, September,October,and November. This is the rainy part of the year. Summer months areDecember, January,February, March, and April. This is the...

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