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This Is A Research Essay On Hinduism At A Grade 8 Level It Recieved 88% In A Social Studies 8 Class In April 2005

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Caste SystemIt is believed that if one has a good life, following good karma and dharma, then they will be paid by being reincarnated as a person in the next highest level in the Caste System. However, if one is evil during their life, they will be brought down a notch, and possibly even taken out of the Caste System altogether.The Untouchables or Harijans (People of God) a term first used by Gandhi. Untouchables usually performed jobs considered as polluting like slaughtering animals or leatherworking. Contact with these people was socially toxic. The job of calling people Untouchable was made illegal by India's constitution, even though Harijans continue to face discrimination for getting work and housing. Castes have shown no sign of disappearing yet, mostly because of the system of marriage. Almost all hindu marriages in India are arranged, and almost all arranged marriages occur between people of the same caste. Only a few of people make love marriages from different castes, and many are hated when they do.Hinduism FactsHinduism is the worlds third most popular religion, with around 900 million followers.Those who follow this faith are known as Hindus.About 80% of the population of India call themselves as Hindus.Hinduism is the fourth most popular religion in Britain with around 400,000 followers.Hinduism is over 3000 years old, although the faith are much older.No founder, teacher, or prophets.Originated near the river Indus.Hindus believe in a universal soul or God called Brahman.There are many other gods as Krishna, Shiva, Rama and Durga.Hindus believe that existence is a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.Christianity and Hinduism they both believe in one superior God.Christianity and Hinduism both have holy water.Religion begins in the home. They use holy water and go to a holy place like a temple.The DotWhy is there a mark on the Forehead? It is the sign for the third eye. Both men and women wear it, the dot among men is slowly going out of style. In the past lots of unmarried women wore black dots, but many married women wore red. But in present time, women often wear dots that match the color of their sariGodsGanesha Mother Parvati once wanted to take a bath and made a boy from the dirt of her own body, asking him to stand as a guard outside while she went in the bath. While this happened Shiva returned home to find a stranger at His door, making so he couldn't enter. In anger, Shiva cut off the boy's head, Parvati was filled with sadness. In order to comfort her, Shiva sent out His troops to fetch the head of anyone found sleeping with his head pointing to the north. They found an elephant sleeping this way and brought back its head. Shiva then attached the elephants head to the body of the boy and revived him. He named the boy Ganapati or commander of His troops, and granted Him good fortune that anyone would have to worship Him (Ganesha) before beginning any deed.ShivaThis is Shiva, one of the trinity of principle Hindu gods;...

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