This Is A Retorical Persuasive Speech I Had To Do On Cloning Should It Be Banned? Should Legal Rights Over Turn Moral Rights? Please Note, This Was Not Designed To Show A 'christian' Perspective

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The Book of Psalms, chapter 100, verse 3 says: "Know ye that the lord he is God, it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves". And not we ourselves. This is a statement that cannot be seen as anything more then what it says. It is He that Hath made us, and not we ourselves. It tells us that God gave us life, he gave it too us. We didn't create ourselves, we could not have. So then, it is by no doubt that human cloning is against the wishes of God. We can not make life, or even take it away. We are here by the wishes of God and we shall return to him. The Book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 12, verse 7 says: And the spirit shall return unto God who gave it". God gave us life, we should not be tampering with human cloning. Trying to act, or even be on the same level as God is dangerous, not only for the individual human, but for human life itself.When the experiments for Dolly, the first cloned animal began, the scientists started out with 277 cell fusion's. Out of these, only 29 began to grow. Then they lost 16 and only 13 sheep became pregnant. Out of these 13, only one lamb was produced, Dolly. So out of 277 cells, only one was a success. And this was for a sheep. Imagine the loss of human life if we try to clone one of us. A human is so much more complicated then a single sheep. Imagine the life that would be loss. Imagine the life that was never able to begin because it was an experiment.If we did eventually clone a human, where would they fit in? They are, of course, human, but human life begins at conception, not in a test tube. Human life is the greatest gift anyone, God, Allah, Buddha, or anyone you believe in can give us. And a child is a gift from God. Who are we to make a perfect human? And in what ways and to whom would they be perfect? God sees us all as perfect, because He made us and we are all different, but an identical perfect race? Think about Hitler and the pure race he was trying to create, the Aryan Race, the blond hair and blue eyed race. Adolph Hitler was perceived to have been an evil man, who, under his control, killed more then thousands of people just so he could have his perfect race. Cloning is no different to what Hitler was trying to achieve.If they had started cloning a thousand years ago there is no doubt that most of us would not be here today. Think of all the great authors and philosophers that we would have missed out on. William Shakespeare may not have been seen perfect enough and so we would have had none of the greatest plays the world has ever seen. We may have missed out on the great people that mankind shall ever greet. Without Galileo we would still be thinking that the Earth is the center of the universe, or Leonardo De Vinci when he made the first plans of flight. Or what about Rene Descartes, who gave to the world our existence, that we did in fact exist. It was he who said 'Cogito, Ergo Sum'- I think therefore I am. Or Socrates, who...

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