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This Is A Reveiw On The Novel "The Wave". It Discusses The Goods, The Bads, And My Thoughts On The Novel.

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AuthorMorton RhuePublisherHeinemann New WindmillsTitleThe title of the book is the Wave. The book is called the Wave because the book is all about the Wave. The Wave is an experiment of Ben Ross, he is a history teacher. He wants to give them a taste of what life in Nazi Germany might have been like.SettingThe story takes place in the Palo Alto, California in 1969. It is based on a true story.Main charactersLaurie Saunders: editor-in-chief of the Grapevine. She is a very popular girl at Gordon High. She was against the Wave.Ben Ross: A history teacher who wants to give the students a taste of what life in Nazi Germany might have been like.David Collings: Laurie's boyfriend. He was in the Wave but when he started hurting Laurie he realised what The Wave had done to him.Minor charactersRobert Billing, Brian Ammon, Christy Ross, and all the other people who were in the Wave.Plot outlineLaurie Saunders is a very popular girl at Gordon High. She is editor-in-chief of the Grapevine. She and her boyfriend David Collins have history class together. Their teacher, Ben Ross, shows them a movie about the atrocities the nazi's commited in their concentration camps. The kids were shocked. They couldn't believe something like that really happened. That no one stopped them. The next day Ben wants to try an experiment. He wants to give his students a taste of what life in Nazy Germany might have been like. He was certain it would make far more impression on the students then any book explanation could ever make. He writes on the blackboard: 'STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE'. All the kids are wondering why he did that. Then they need to place their hands flat across the small of their back and force their spine straight up. Then, they have to walk around the classroom and when Ben tells them to go back to their own place they have to do that as quick as possible and assume the seating posture. Every time they want to ask something they have to say 'Mr. Ross' first. The next day he writes on the blackboard: 'STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY'. He says to the class: 'From now on, our movement will be known as 'The Wave'. The other mottoe is: 'STRENGHT THROUGH ACTION'. The kids really going to believe in The Wave, but not everyone. Laurie isn't sure about this Wave thing. Her mum thinks it is too...

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