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Thoroughbred Horse Racing
Horse racing is defined by a contest of speed among horses that are either
ridden by jockey or pull sulkies and their drivers. There can be anywhere from 5 to 10
horses racing at a time depending on the race. People bet on these horses hoping the
horse they picked wins. But people have all sorts of opinions on this topic whether they
are for, against or for with new regulations and changes to the sport.
The breed of horse used in horse racing is the Thoroughbred. These horses are
‘hot-blooded” horses that are known for their agility, speed and spirit. Thoroughbreds
are the perfect racehorse for many different reasons. Thoroughbreds are one of the
fastest horses breeds in the world. According to the article “Thoroughly Thoroughbred”
these horses are capable of reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour. They are capable of
going this fast because of their deep chest, lean body, long flat muscles, well angled
shoulders, and lean but powerful haunches. This breed of horse is very spirited with a
bold personality. To add to the breeds valiant personality, just like any horse, they have
a competitive instinct. This is a good thing when it comes to racing these animals.
Horses like to be dominant in a herd and potentially “beat” the other horse. This natural
tendency is not only displayed in the wild or pasture but also out on race track.
Horses used for racing see people all the time. The people these horses see can
include their rider, trainer, owner, vet and the audience watching them. This gives these
horses great social and behavioral skills. People take pride in these horses and love
going to visit them. As a horse owner, you try to see your horse as much as possible. In
the article “Sharing the Joy of Racing” Jerry Moss says, “we enjoy visiting with the
horses and the trainer and all the people at the barn”. This helps us to understand how
much love and attention these horses get. Eventually these horses will bond with certain
people, but not just anyone that walks through those big barn doors. The person to have
the closest bond with a horse is normally the rider. Norwegian researcher Anita
Maurstad said that in essence, both the horse and the human become attuned to each
other's physical and mental ways, developing the state of co-being. This is good for the
horses happiness, comfort and sense...

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