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This Is A Short Story Called, "The Deed". The Assignment Required The Use Of Flashbacks And Dialogues In A Way That Give A Little Twist At The End. The Story Revolves Around Boxing And Retaliation.

1806 words - 7 pages

The DeedThe air is chilly and the leaves are flying around like small tornadoes, clouds are darkening to a ripe grayish color and eventually it starts to rain. The drops pelt the ground ceaselessly like a bombing raid, and there is a thick fog all around that looms with a feeling of uneasiness and unrest. Something is not right, not complete, not whole, not finished. Thunder cracks the dark sky as lighting gives it a quick scar.As if created by the lighting, a man appears in the fog, blurry at first but clearer with every step. He opens the gate and proceeds with little fear to a stone and ponders for a minute. His face looks two shades purple with his left eye puffed up like a balloon and six stitches above his right. Another man, noticing his company, sits up from his peaceful slumber. He takes a seat upon the slab of rock gracefully and joyfully greets his visitor."Kyle! It's so good to finally see you again," he says with a wide tooth ridden grin, rubbing his aching head."I told you. I made a promise and I kept it. Even though at the beginning I thought it was going to be impossible I did it. I did it for you," Kyle says as his eyes begin to water.* * * *I quickly cleaned my room and finished all of my homework because it was game day. It was my dad's big match, he was going to be defending his belt, the middleweight title."Oh no you don't mister, you're not going anywhere!" my mom yelled."What the hell do you mean I'm not going anywhere? I'm going to see dad's last match!" I snapped."Don't you use that language young man. You better watch your tongue or else it's going to get another good lashing. And your father is nothing but an unruly barbarian. If he thinks hitting another man is gentleman like than that is his choice, but I forbid you to do anything of the sort. You are to become a gentleman whether you like it or not!""Fine!" I yelled back as a bolted for my room, "Boy did that woman make me mad. I'm not even allowed to watch my dad's last match of his entire career? What kind of garbage is that? I'm not going to take this kind of dictatorship, I don't care what mom says, I'm going whether it's ungentlemanly like or not." I locked the door and quietly crawled out of my window. Of all the bedrooms in the house, mine had to be the one on the second story. Fortunately I didn't cut the grass for three weeks so my landing was soft and comfortable.I hopped on my bike and raced over to the gym as fast as my little bike could take me. When I arrived, the gym was filled to the brim with anxious onlookers and press. I saw my dad getting warmed up in the ring, doing his little hop and jabbing the air with a clean left-right combo. After five minutes, I found a seat and grabbed some food from the concession stands, by that time the lights dimmed, and the announcer got on the microphone to announce the arrival of the opponent. The doors flew open and so did my mouth, because the sheer size of the man was unbelievable, not to mention his body...

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