This Is A Story That I Just Wrote About My First Time Skiing.

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Standing in awe, cold air permeated through my hair. The smell of fresh and mint pine scent complimented the beautiful view of the wilderness. With my boots wedged in the snow, a shiver came over my body. This was a place of peacefulness and tranquility. Never before had I been so close with nature.Facing the north was the vast forest. To the left and right, only the crystal white snow was visible. While looking up, I caught a glimpse of the old ski lift with fresh blue paint on it, the single tarnished thing in this whole oasis, that moment I knew that was my passport to this great adventure. All that could be heard was the sweet chirping of birds nestled up in the tree branches. I knew that this was a moment that I was always going to remember.As I stood admiring the clear blue sky and the world around me, I was interrupted by my friends calling me, "Come on, let's go!" They were not rookies. They had experienced the sport of skiing and the atmosphere that surrounds it and were not as enthusiastic toward the surroundings as I was. To them it was just another Michigan ski hill that they had all been to. Their calls became louder, and more annoying. As I entered the Chalet where we had to rent our skies at the air was reminiscent of coffee and wood smoke with an old rustic cabin feel to it. We strapped up our skies and went outsideAs we got ready to board the old chair lift with the new coat of fresh blue paint, I began to wonder why I did not start on the bunny hill and jump right on the chair lift maybe it was pear pressure or maybe it was adrenalin flowing through me but I was going up. When I turned to my friend Crag and asked him why I was going up the chair lift to the top of the hill on my first time he responded in a comforting voice that the hills at the top were the same as the ones at the bottom just longer. This comforting voice of lies was intended to make me have fewer nerves did the opposite it sent chills down my spine as I had wondered what I had got my self in to. He added with a smirk that is better to jump and fall than to never jump at all, that comment added to the chills going down my spine. As we reached the top he told me to put my feet down and just push off the chair lift. Then suddenly the chair lift jerked to a stop and I saw my friend fall off the chair lift when he had tried to get off, than the chair lift started up again and then it was my turn to get off...

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804 words - 3 pages away, but in the end it left me curious. The women I know on the island have all been here since they were born, but this new man did not act like a native. He didn't act like a woman.I looked around to see if anyone else had seen the newcomer, but there was no one around. I turned back to the man and found that he was no longer there. However, I could still sense that he was about, and I continued to look for him. He was the one right in front of

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1486 words - 6 pages brought a thought into Ryan head all he had to do was get the princess to like him."Oh I will get my bacon if it is the last thing I chew."Ryan headed out to get his bacon the town was very large so he would have to walk a long way."Man I hate walking I wish I had wings," thought Ryan to himself he never exercised so his stamina was short. The only time he exercised was when he ran to be the first one in line at the Bakery. Ryan was close to the

this is a Short Story i wrote for an english task i got an A so feel free to us it as you wish and good luck with your assignment

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Let's just say I had a lot of fun writing this creative writing piece, for class. Teacher gave "A" for creative use of time. Very "a la Matrix," but dont let that distract you ;)

2407 words - 10 pages . How about you come over tomorrow night? I just got back in town. Did you know I was living in Hollywood?" Hmm, I could've sworn she meant hell."Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere. But you know, I don't think tomorrow is good for me." Or the day after, or the day after, or the day after..."Hmm. Well. I suggest you make time." She pulls her jacket back slightly. A glint of sun reflecting off the badge hurts my eyes. Her smirk says it all. Now I

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1985 words - 8 pages seems to be unaware of the seriousness of his situation as he becomes “eager to see how today’s fantasy [will] gradually fade away”( 261), suggesting he lives one day at a time, looking forward to the end of each day and the “fantasy” that will fade away with it. In the beginning of the story there is “little confidence and cheer” to be found in Gregor’s life, much like the view outside of his bedroom window

Cover Girls         When I was in first grade I wrote,

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850 words - 3 pages shell and that I didn't truly care about her and only thought about myself. She then asked me to take her home. Even after she was gone, I was totally clueless as to what she meant. So in a few words, my first date was a disaster. During this date, I felt a large spectrum of emotions. Before the date started, I was feeling ecstatic and anxious in anticipation of what was to come; I couldn't wait to get started. For example, while I was

An autobiography of the incident when I went sking for my first time

540 words - 2 pages though,' she said puzzled.'Oh? What is that?''Why were your arms flying all over the place when you came down?' she looked at me, 'Like a frantic baby birdie who's just learning how to fly.'Grinning mysteriously, I remembered my thoughts of how my spirt had float away from my body. 'That was a high leveled stunt my dad taught me when I was little,' I lied.'Really?!''Ya! Want me to teach you?''And end up with my face in the snow? That's okay.''Well

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751 words - 3 pages we rode our bike back home. This is where that single moment changes everything during that day for me. As we were riding back down a slope I accidently put my feet inside the bicycle wheel and fell down. “Aaaaaa!” I scream as I fell down the bike with my mom. The pain of the impact was nothing I’ve felt before in my life, well at least during that time. My eyes were close and I could the pain from my feet both from when I put my leg in the

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