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United States Navy SEALs: "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday..."In a foreign embassy there are three American ambassadors that have been taken hostage by foreign rebels. Late in the night, dressed in solid black, a group of six men land on the roof of this same embassy. The roof area is secured, and two snipers are set to secure the perimeters and neutralize threats on surrounding buildings. The remaining four men enter the embassy through a top floor window and proceed with accuracy and precision to flush out and neutralize all terrorists. In the proximity of the second floor they locate the hostages, one team member is left there to protect the ambassadors while the other three secure the remainder of the floor. The hostages and team members evacuate to the roof where they rendezvous with the snipers and a waiting helicopter transport. The six men and the hostages escape from the embassy and their safety is secure. This could be a probable mission for any member of SEAL Team six, a special operations anti-terrorism group. As an elite member of the special operations branch of the United States Navy, a career in the SEALs can offer an enormous challenge but also great rewards.Today's SEALs were established in the spring of 1943. In the early stages of World War II it became evident that a capability for water based reconnaissance and beach obstacle clearance prior to ocean shore invasion was of great importance ("Navy Sea Air Land (SEAL) Teams"). Draper Kaufman was first given the task to locate volunteers to form the teams capable for beach reconnaissance and obstacle clearance, these volunteers were organized into teams then called Navy Combat Demolitions Units (NCDU's). These teams were used especially for the gathering of reconnaissance and clearing beach obstacles for troops going ashore during beach and river landings, and eventually evolved into Combat Swimmer Reconnaissance Units (SCRs) ("Navy Sea Air Land (SEAL) Teams"). These were the early stages in development of the U.S. Navy SEALs.In 1947, the Navy organized its first underwater offensive strike units. These Underwater Demolitions Teams (UDT's) took part in missions such as demolition raids on bridges, tunnels and other structures that were accessible from the water. They also conducted limited mine sweep operations in harbors and rivers ("Navy Sea Air Land (SEAL) Teams").During the 1960's the special operation unit called the SEALs was established. Then President, John F. Kennedy ordered that each branch of the service form its own anti-terrorism or rebel neutralization force. The navy made use of members from their Underwater Demolition Teams to form separate units called SEAL Teams. January 1962 marked the commissioning of SEAL Team ONE in the Pacific Fleet at Navy Amphibious Base Coronado, California and SEAL Team TWO in the Atlantic Fleet at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Virginia ("Navy Sea Air Land (SEAL) Teams") These teams were developed under the greatest of secrecy to...

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