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This Is A Research Paper On The Media At War And How It Affected The Public At Home.

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The Media at WarWar is portrayed many ways in the media. The Vietnam War and World War II were different in the media's perspective. For one, the Vietnam War was looked at as a war that we should have not of participated in because it was not our problem. It was not a well supported war either, due to the negative influence the media had on the public. The media in the Vietnam War brought home images of American soldiers and Vietnamese civilians getting killed therefore turning the public against the war and the military. World War II on the other hand was a war where the American population was very supportive to the troops over seas due to the positive influence the media gave them. The media in World War II brought patriotism and pride to the American people by means of propaganda posters, films, and radio.The Vietnam War was the first war to be broadcasted live on television for tens of millions to see at home. This was also the first time the television had shown live war action including death and destruction. This had a negative influence on the public at home because of the, "on-screen killings, as well as live-action footage of the bulldozing of human carcasses into mass graves, the napalming of children, and the ravaging of villages by American soldiers" (Franklin 441). Seeing all of the death and destruction made the American people at home confused and angry about the war. The main reasonfor all of the negative media was that there was little or no censorship. Censorship is counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy or public on the homefront. The media did not always follow the censorship law because the reporters wanted to get the hottest story they could, and they would write anything, and do anything to get it. The US military attempted to restrict still photography, television news, pictures, and video of American soldiers as well as Vietnamese civilians getting killed. These forms of media were still making its way home. Arthur Bankson, one of the commanders in the Department of Defense trying to censor the media that was making its way home said, "A picture of a dead or wounded American soldier appearing in a newspaper in the United States would shock the man's family with the first word of his injury or death" (Hammond 237). Images like these would show the gruesome reality that is war. These images, films, and television reports help convince the American public that this was an unwelcomed war.The disturbing images that the media brought home had an influence on the United States military as well. "Television's glimpses of the war's reality were so horrendous and so influential that these images have been scapegoated as one of the main causes of the United States' defeat" (Franklin 441). This gave the military a bad appearance. This also caused many able men for the draft to flee to Canada and other countries so they did not have to go over and fight. Most of the correspondents...

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