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This Is A Term Paper On Hippies.

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Lessons from a Hippie SocietyThe hippie movement, positive or negative, brought an abundance of changes to mainstream society, affecting every generation since. The influences of the time brought an open-minded change in lifestyle and love and a mind-bending trip through rock-n-roll and drugs. We saw political, spiritual, literary, and musical leaders rise and fall, leaving a lifetime of lessons behind them. According to Webster Dictionary in 1965, the definition for the word hippie was "a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society and advocates a nonviolent ethic; broadly: a long haired unconventionally dressed young person".The Vietnam War was something that affected everyone in America, if you didn't get drafted then you knew someone who did. We were drafting men as young as nineteen, the youngest age in history. By February 1967, there were four hundred and twenty seven thousand soldiers in Vietnam. Over 1,750 U. S. planes had been lost and six thousand six hundred American soldiers had been killed ( ). By the time it ended, over two million Americans were involved in the war, and more than sixty thousand didn't return alive.The anti-war protest was beginning to spread across America. The first large peace march was called "Vietnam Day" and was organized by Jerry Rubin ( ). On April 15th, 1967, three hundred people gathered in New York's Central Park to protest. Thousand of picket signs raised in the air with statements such as "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today" ( ), in protest against sending men as young as nineteen. Young men burned their draft cards in a large bonfire in a defiant protest to the war. After burning his, Dan Baty hid in a Methodist church, protected by a Reverend who refused to turn him over to the U. S. Marshalls. The Reverend protected him because Dan pledged he would not consciously kill anyone in Vietnam. For his actions, Dan spent four years in prison ( ).On Monday, May 4th, 1970, the Kent State University tragedy occurred. Over six hundred students gathered fore a peace protest against the Vietnam War. At 10:45 the protesters began to gather. The Ohio National Guard was rushed to the campus. The stunned students watched as they invaded the peace protest. At 11:55 a.m., General Robert H. Canterbury ordered his troops to "prepare to move out and disperse this mob"( ). The guardsmen wore gas mask and had bayonets attached to their riffles. The attack by the Ohio National Guard left four students dead, hundreds overtaken by tear gas, and entire country wondering why."Turn on, tune in, drop out" ( ). Timothy Leary was by far considered the high priest of LSD and believed it renewed is life in every way. He was a professor at Harvard University and once word got out on his usage of LSD and his public profile began to grow, Harvard no longer had a need for him. Leary began to experiment with psychedelics be his own terms. To Leary, an LSD trip was a religious experience that transformed...

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