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Section 1Golding wrote The Lord of the Flies to express civilization vs. savagery. Golding expressed in the book that it is human nature to live with rules, morals, and act peacefully. He also points out how the good of a group and the desire of others can cause people to act violently and to lose all morality. Golding wanted to show readers that no matter what age group human nature is going to take toll. That is why he chose children because, they are seen as innocent and what better way to reach out to society.Section 2The Sound of the Shell: The shell produces a sound that alerts all the childrenï'* Boys are uncertain what to do since there are no adultsï'* Elect Ralph as their leaderï'* Jack desperately desires to be chiefFire on the Mountain: The boys try to use fire signal for rescueï'* The forest sets on fireï'* A young boy is killedï'* The conch determines who will speakHuts on the Beach: They build huts for the young ones to have shelterï'* Jack begins to huntï'* Boys are unwillingly helping to build sheltersï'* Simon finds a area that is relaxing and an oasis to himPainted Faces and Long Hair: Ralph makes paintï'* Jack becomes overly obsessed with killing pigsï'* Their first opportunity to be rescued is missedï'* Jack lets the fire go out and looses respect for RalphBeast from Water: The boys claim to see a beast that comes from the waterï'* The boys are not doing their jobsï'* Ralph wants to give up his positionï'* The littluns claim theyâ ®ve seen the beastBeast from Air: The â oebeastâ is on the mountainï'* Jack is obsessed with killingï'* The beast is a dead parachutistï'* Sam and Eric fell asleep during the watchShadows and Tall Trees: The â oebeastâ creates a shadowï'* The boys who climbed the mountain claimed they saw the beastï'* Jack and some hunters nearly killed Robert while playing a gameï'* Simon has to remind Ralph not to lose sight on being rescuedGift for the Darkness: The beast is revealedï'* Jack tells everyone that Ralph is a coward and a bad leaderï'* Jack starts his own tribeï'* Simon has been confronted by â oeThe Lord of The FliesâA View to a Death: Simon has been murderedï'* Jack has a feast that all the boys attendï'* Simon tries to inform them of the dead parachutist that he let freeï'* The boys sing and chant while they jump and kill Simon thinking he was the beastThe Shell and the Glasses: The Glasses have been stolen and the conch has lost its meaningï'* Jackâ ®s tribe invades Ralphâ ®s and steals fire and glassesï'* Jack abuses people for no reasonï'* Piggy tries to convince himself and Ralph that Simons death was an accidentCastle Rock: The area where Jackâ ®s tribe residesï'* Due to Jack and Ralph fighting Piggy is killedï'* Jack tortures Sam and Ericï'* The conch is...

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