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This Was About Driving Safetly, Something I Had To Turn Into Court For Deferred Adjudetication

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Driving SafetyMy Story:I'm a seventeen-year old driver that doesn't quite everything about driving, or soon I came to find out within the past couple of months. Everything in this passage is something I've been a part of or witness to while on and off the road. I like having fun wherever possible and the place I shouldn't have is in the car. I used to liked pushing the envelope whenever possible, showing off to friends was part of my motivation but most of it is because I think I can get away with it. I watch now as my friends' abuse their privilege of driving a vehicle on a day to day basis. Telling them again and again to be a more considerate driver and not such a jerk on the road, sometimes they listen but just like me they will have to learn the hard way.When I first received my license at the age of 16 I did take necessary precautions when driving, you know the "Dos" and "Don'ts". I did this maybe for a couple of months and pretty much all the time with my parents in the car but as the more driving hours added up so did my cockiness. Then when I turned 17 I nearly felt invisible to anything and every on and off the road, I thought this because I went a whole year without receiving a single ticket or mishap. My aggressive driving was mild, that is to say I was careful and somewhat considerate of other drivers, I never honked at anyone or screamed or yelled at them, but aggressive is dangerous none the less. As a result I received my first speeding ticket while driving back to pick up my brother up from college. I thought big deal I made a mistake and I would take defensive driving to wipe it off my record.So only few more months had passed before receiving one more speeding ticket on the way home from a football game. I didn't pay attention to my speed and I was very familiar to my surroundings in fact I was only a couple blocks from being home but that didn't stop the men in "blue" to catch me. Now this time it is fair to say that I was in big trouble with my parents and my rationalizations got the best of me, luckily I was able to get defensive driving from the judge for which I am gratefully appreciative. So now you think I would be a more attentive well not exactly, but I did apply my defensive driving skills almost all the time but no one is perfect. My last and hopefully my final ticket was received in Downtown Houston on a Saturday morning. I was on my way to take a test at UHD; I left the house early enough to make it to the test site. I was paying attention more to the street signs rather than to traffic lights, now given my inexperience on city driving I found that city lights are closer together than suburban lights (a harsh reality). I had missed one street that kinda threw me off track but then regain my coordinates as look at my directions in hand. Well now I close to being there but I still had one street to turn onto before reaching my destination, I wasn't running late but I couldn't waste my time because paid for this test....

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