This Is About How Oedipus Symbolized Mankind

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"Home is where the horror is." The word "home" holds a different feeling for everyone. Some people embrace the security and warmth they feel at home. While others loathe the notion. In "Oedipus the King", Oedipus finds terror that occur in his own home and family. A prophet told Laius and Jocasta, Oedipus' parents, that their son would kill his father and marry his mother. So they have a messenger send him to put him on a mountain to kill him. However, he gives Oedipus to the king and queen to Creon. When he grows up, he hears the prophecy that his birth parents heard and left Creon. While rraveling to Thebes, he killed his father not knowing he was the King of Thebes. When he arrives to Thebes, he solves the riddle of the Sphinx and becomes king. He met Jocasta and married shortly after and had children. Oedipus finds out the mystery that he is the murderer of his father and married his mother. As a result, Jocasta kills herself and Oedipus stabs his eyes out. Through the play, Oedipus' life was determined by destiny, Oedipus displayed great thinker, and gained wisdom through suffering. As a result, Oedipus in Sophocles' play Oedipus the King is a symbolic figure for all mankind.In the play Oedipus showed that he is a great thinker. For example, Oedipus solved the riddle of the Spinx. He showed that he is a quick thinker from solving the riddle and defeating the monster that was a burden on Thebes. The priest says to Oedipus:You came to us once and liberated our city, you freed us from the tribute which we paid that cruel singer, the Sphinx. You did this with no extra knowledge you got from us, you had no training for the task, but, so it is said and we believe, it was with divine support that you restored our city to life. (3)In killing the Sphinx, Oedipus is the city's savior and everyone looks up to him. For solving the riddle, he is put into power. However, his intelligence is what makes him great, yet it is also what makes him tragic; his problem-solver's mind leads him on as he works through the mystery of his birth. Marriage...

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