This Is About The Greek Tragidy Oedipus. Includes Quotes. About One Of The Themes From Ingorance To Knowledge.

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From Ignorance to KnowledgeIn the Greek Tragedy Oedipus, Oedipus moves closer to knowledge and truth as each scene progresses, but something distracts him from it. Each scene advances his search and delays his discovery. In the end he finally realizes his blindness, and he greatly punishes himself for is actions. This is just one of the three themes in the Greek Tragedy.In scene one the oracle Teiresias, who has just seen the god Apollo, meets with Oedipus. Oedipus requests the knowledge of the murder of king Laios, but Teiresias holds it back until Oedipus continually harasses him about it. Teiresias reveals that Oedipus is the murder of Laios, but Oedipus asks Teiresias "[w] ho taught you shamelessness"(P. 1.342). Oedipus also blames Teiresias and Kreon for plotting against him. Oedipus' pride blinds him from the beginning of his own mystery.Kreon and Oedipus argue about the acquisitions from Oedipus in at the beginning of scene two, as Kreon undoubtedly did not plot against Oedipus. Iokaste, Oedipus' wife, is also dragged into the argument, and gives Oedipus further information about the death of Laios. On the way over to Thebes, Oedipus killed a peasant, or so he thought. Iokaste tells Oedipus that Laios was killed, "[a] t a place where three roads meet," and Oedipus killed the peasant where three roads meet (P. 2.689). Oedipus is concerned, but his pride steps in as he recalls the rumors that a band of thieves killed...

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916 words - 4 pages " (Sophocles 1144). Oedipus's decision to pursue his questioning is wrong; his grandiosity blinded him and, therefore, his fate is not deserved, but it is far beyond his control. A prophecy is foretold to Laius, the father of Oedipus, that the destiny of Oedipus is a terrible one beyond his control. But when it is prophesized to Oedipus, he sets forth from the city of his foster parents in order to prevent this terrible fate from occurring

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1192 words - 5 pages found within craters of composite volcanoes. In 1912 an eruption of the Katmai volcano in Alaska, measured 800 feet across and 200 feet high. This is an aerial view of South Sister, a line of volcanic domes.Finally, volcanoes are still one of the many amazing features on this Earth, and serve as a "window" to earth's interior. The materials that erupt help scientists learn more about the conditions within the earth. We still don't know every detail about them or the inside of the earth, but in the future we will.Works Cited World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia (C) 1999

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