This Is An A 1 Study Guide. It Earned Me An A On My Test On World War Ii. It Has The Events Leading Up To World War Ii Up Until The End Of World War Ii

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1)Rise of Nazis GermanyHitler claimed Germany needed more living space. They took steps towards Austria, but pulled back when Italy mobilized. When they were Allies, Germany again went into Austria claiming that they were providing political stability.2)Use of the cause of German unity for Hitler's expansion of territoryHitler claimed that he was uniting Germans and providing political stability by uniting German-speaking individuals into one nation.3)Adolf and the "New Order"Hitler envisioned that the Nazis would rule Europe and the non-Germans would serve them while they live off of resources.4)Appeasement and Neville ChamberlainGranting Concessions to maintain peace, Chamberlain gave up ...view middle of the document...

They believed it wasn't their fight or problem. They remained neutral until Pearl Harbor12)Vichy FranceSite of German puppet gov. in France, under French Marshall Heni Petain.13)Tripartite PactGermany and Italy pledged allegiance to the war against America with Japan.14)Atlantic CharterUpheld the right of trade and the right of the people to choose their own gov., also called for the "destruction of the Nazi tyranny."15)Dachau and the concentration campsDachau, a concentration camp. Concentration camps--the Jews were sent to these when they were captured, often deadly conditions, very few made it. The Jews tried to get out before they were taken, or hide.16)Collective SecurityWhat is needed to defend their common interests against attacks.17)Francisco Franco and the Spanish Civil WarLed the Spanish Nationalists. The war was fought against conservatives, Soviet supported nationalist, and Germany and Italy supported conservatives or loyalists.18)Franklin D. Roosevelt and the lend-lease actAuthorized the President to lend war equipment to any country whose defense he deemed vital to the national security of the United States.19)Battle of BritainGermany expected Britain to seek peace with Germany. Britain did not they fought back, the RAF took down the Germany air force. Germany committed a blitz, or series of air raids. Britain concluded to never give up.20)Sinking of the BismarckSunk many ships. Including the British cruiser Hood, it sustained 8 torpedoes before it finally sunk. It was a German ship.21)Invasion of the Soviet Union and the ResultAfter Germany failed to invade Britain they turned their attention to the Soviet Union. The invasion took Stalin by surprise, even though Britain was warning about troops in the borders.22)LeninradAn outer city of Moscow attacked after Kiev was captured. Soviet refused to surrender. Rallied "behind us is Moscow there is no room left for retreat." Held them enough for Russian Winter.23)"Scorched Earth" PolicyStalin appealed to the people, that if the Soviet army loses and Germany forced them to retreat, Soviet citizens should destroy everything of use to the invaders.24)Pearl Harbor and JapanWhen Japanese invaded Indochina President Roosevelt demanded they withdraw and also withdraw from China, they froze all Japan's assets. Everyone believed Pearl Harbor was safe from attack, but Isoroku Yammamoto the commander of the Japanese Navy did not, he believed planes armed with special torpedoes would do the job. The peace agreements failed. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and December 7, 1941.25)Battle of MidwayIn June of 1942, America defeated the Japanese Navy, this ended Japan's naval superiority in the Pacific.26)War in the PacificAfter the Battle of...

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