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This Is An Analysis Of A Public Address. I Chose The 2003 State Of The Union Address. It Analyzes The Setting For The Speech And The Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Skills Used In The Address.

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AbstractWhen giving a public address, not only do you have the pressure of just speaking to a large group of people, but often there is the added stress of speaking to hundreds, if not thousands or millions of people via television or radio. Having strong communication skills can help the speaker give a clear concise speech. If a speaker does not have strong communication skills the audience will not be interested in trying to keep up with what they are saying or even caring what message the speaker is trying to get across to them. Many verbal and non-verbal clues come into play during a speech and being able to use them together can help many speakers provide an interesting, memorable experience for all involved.On Tuesday, January 28th, 2003, the President of the United States of America gave the State of the Union address, a speech which is given each year. It is given at the capital building before a joint session of Congress, and other invited guests. The speech is to be given from the front of the chamber with the Vice President and the Speaker of the House standing behind the President. Prior to the announcement that the president had arrived, there was a lot of movement and talking going on inside the chamber. Once the President began walking into the room, there was tumultuous applause and as he made his way to the podium the President was slowed by numerous people wanting to get their picture taken with him and to shake his hand. When he finally made it to the front of the room the applause continued a little bit longer.While the President, Vice President and the Speaker of The House waited for the applause to cease, the President stood at the podium with his hands flat on the top of it. While standing there he looked around the room making eye contact with several people. To me this showed a non-verbal clue of openness and confidence, he was not worried about making eye contact with the members of the audience.During the actual address, the President spoke strongly without hesitation. This shows that he was well prepared for this event and knew what he wanted to say. He also refrained from actually pointing out to the audience or since this was also a live televised event, from pointing into the camera, instead he curled his fingers back toward him whenever he would gesture outward. It could be possible that he was trying not to offend anyone by pointing his finger at them or wagging it in their face while he was speaking. The President did not use many non-verbal clues during his address; one thing I did notice was that he would raise his eyebrows often when making a point. Other then that, the State of the Union address was virtually free from non-verbal communication. With virtually anyone in the world having access to this event the President would have to be careful not to make any gestures that any number of nationalities would find offensive. During his speech, he was often interrupted by applause, observing the individuals that...

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