This Is An Argumentative Paper On Sandra Lee Bartky's Essay 'women Are Not Free'.

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A Feeling of DominationAfter reading "Women Are Not Free," by Sandra Lee Bartky, I see myself having feminist views. These views are not extreme and I do not fully agree with her philosophy on the subject. First, Bartky seems to be obsessed with domination by the male species. She wants women to view themselves as "victims of a sexist society that is based on male oppression." This statement is very harsh. I believe that if women see themselves as victims they are playing into the idea of male domination.What I do agree with are that some of the ideas expressed in this work reflect self-fulfilling prophecies. For instance, Bartky states that the "oppressed become to themselves their own oppressors," I agree with this because sometimes women feel that they are just going to be paid less, or not taken seriously because of their gender so they do not try as hard.Bartky refers to psychological oppression as an institution and states that "it serves to make the work of domination easier by breaking the spirit of the dominated and by rendering them incapable of understanding the nature of those agencies responsible for the subjugation." I agree with this statement only because it happens. But it only happens to those women that are too weak or too naïve to stand up for themselves or to make a change. With the domination and enslavement by "those agencies" a woman's self worth is put to the test and normally the "agencies" win. Also, as outlined by Bartky, the low self-esteem leads to poverty, which in turn leads to an inferior feeling.Next Bartky lists three general areas where the domination occurs; they are stereotyping, cultural domination and sexual objectification.Bartky begins to speak very harshly about the stereotyping of women. She brings up the pursuit of autonomy that philosophers strive for. But these philosophers that have published works about achieving autonomy have all been men. Especially in Platonic time where women were not considered anything more than baby makers. Changing the minds of what men and women have been taught in regard to women roles or what we all have always observed is going to take eons to change. Even in today's education a majority of history that is taught to us is male oriented, I do not blame educators, men have dominated history it happened for what ever reason and it can not be changed. Even in this class the only female philosopher that I read anything about is Sandra Lee Bartky and again I do not blame my educator, this being a basic 101 class that does not have the time to reach all philosophers.She really ruffles my feathers when she states "women deny their femininity when they undertake action that is too self-regarding or independent." As a young and very independent woman I never deny my femininity in any task that I strive to conquer. But on the other hand I understand where she is going. She says that women are only allowed to make one "major" decision in life and that that is "hard won;" that...

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