This Is An Essay About The Insurrection Of 1950 In Puerto Rico

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Ideología política y social que corresponde el concepto de nación con el de Estado. Aunque tradicionalmente se ha llamado nacionalismo al pensamiento político relativo a la consecución de la independencia nacional para los pueblos y las etnias, el término también corresponde a la actividad de un Estado. Sería el caso, por ejemplo, del nacionalismo inglés en comparación con el escocés, galés o irlandés. En esta ocasión, el nacionalismo sería la cohesión de los ciudadanos de ese país en base a su procedencia, por encima de diferencias sociales de clase. Ernest Gellner dio una definición que es la que habitualmente se suele utilizar: «Principio que afirma que la unidad política y nacional debería ser congruente». El nacionalismo surgió con la Revolución francesa y la formación de los Estados. A comienzos del siglo XIX el llamamiento de Mazzini de «cada nación un estado», tuvo dos lecturas diferentes, la imperial y la étnica. Tendría que pasar casi un siglo para que el término de nacionalismo tomara cuerpo político. Así, decenas de comunidades europeas, no ligadas a los estados conformados, reivindicaron su derecho a la soberanía, en función de su identidad propia. Movimientos, hasta entonces sin definición política, se apresuraron a defender su estatus. Fue el caso de armenios, catalanes, vascos, galeses, macedonios, albaneses, georgianos o lituanos. A todos les unía el nacionalismo, es decir la actividad para alcanzar su independencia. Este primer impulso político fue reforzado por un concepto como el de raza (también en las tesis de Sabino Arana) que rompía con otras tradiciones. Darwin y la genética, proporcionarían un poderoso grupo de razones al nacionalismo, que vio como las categorías se multiplicaban: arios, semitas, nórdicos, vascos, etc. De ahí al racismo hubo un sólo paso. Terminada la Primera Guerra mundial, el nacionalismo más rancio triunfaba en Europa. Checoslovaquia, Rumania, Yugoslavia y Polonia, nacían como estados plurinacionales sobre antiguos imperios, pero también en Alemania, y...

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The Impact of United States Rule on Puerto Rico

2249 words - 9 pages reason for this. "While we are conducting war and until its conclusion, we must keep all we can get. When the war is over we must keep what we want. (Fernandez 1)" The United States wanted Puerto Rico for their own benefit, and this has been impacting the island to this day. The effects of early United States colonialism on the economy of Puerto Rico shows how its hypocritical and possessive treatment of the island had an impact on the

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United States Colonial Rule of Puerto Rico

2089 words - 8 pages Rico and unaware of the situation there. Trías-Monge includes how “in testifying before Congress on the report, Judge H.G. Curtis, a member of the Commission, stated that the President himself should legislate for Puerto Rico, at the recommendation of the Governor to be appointed by him.”(p. 37) This is an immediate instance where actions are not proceeding as Puerto Ricans thought they would. But it was only a first sign. On April 12, 1900

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574 words - 2 pages Death PenaltyThe death penalty is the most severe sentence in our legal system. This requires a law official to kill an offender. In many countries the death penalty doesn't exists, but in the United States many states allow the death penalty. Today, there is a big controversy over capital punishment and whether it is morally right. We greatly value our own lives so should the lives of others belong in our hands? Do we possess the right of

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2012 words - 8 pages illiterate and they had realized that the Spanish had been neglecting them since they went off in pursuit of the silver in Peru and Mexico. Spanish colonization really only existed in the major towns, not in the hinterland. This is the way Puerto Rico existed from 1570 through the 1800's. The 1800's proved to be quite an explosive century for Puerto Rico when many changes began to occur due to the French. The French wanted to make Puerto Rico

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611 words - 2 pages women.During the war women were not considered useful or needed in the workforce. A prevalent revolution for women happened after the war, when women began to see a drastic increase in numbers in the workforce. Although women accounted for almost half of the working population, they were still unequal to their male colleagues. Regrettably, this inequality issue continues today however, women have made a huge leap forward in history and are becoming

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1263 words - 5 pages overflowing, the neighbors are noisy, and there isn't even room in her kitchen for a table made by Playskool. Does this sound like a place worth spending $900 a month on? Luckily, Dan and her split the cost, but with Kelli making minimum wage, that's almost her entire paycheck. Spending your whole paycheck on housing is ridiculous while other expenses such as food, utilities, taxes, etceteras still need to be attended to. Increasing numbers of people

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2886 words - 12 pages Whether or not Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state of the United States of America is an important issue that has been pondered for the last fifty years. Puerto Rico is currently a Commonwealth of the United States and has been under U.S. rule for a century. Spain ruled Puerto Rico for about 400 years prior to the U.S. take-over in 1898. The current and pertinent issue, though, is whether Puerto Rico will remain a Commonwealth of the U.S., become

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818 words - 3 pages pervasive as originally thought.Yes, culture and language is important to a country, but what about the people that are poor and hungry and wish for help. When Puerto Rico was given tax exemption through Section 936 of the International Revenue Code in 1976, outside industry flooded Puerto Rican market forcing the price of everyday goods as the notebook to inflate to outrageous prices. At the same time some did see Section 936 as an opportunity to

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1764 words - 7 pages this, the presence of the Spaniards in Puerto Rico added a different ethnic group to the island’s native population. When the official slave trade began in 1518, African slaves were added to Puerto Rico’s mixed ethnic heritage. (Figueroa 9/22) According to "A Bicentennial Without a Puerto Rican Colony", Unlike the United States, in Puerto Rico the different races mixed and intermingled to create the modern Puerto Rican, who is largely an