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Into the Wild Final Essay
Into the Wild is a biography of Christopher McCandless. He was the son of wealthy parents. He also graduated from Emory University not only as top student, but top athlete as well. Instead of starting a reputable and profitable career, Christopher decides to donate all his savings to charity. He also gets rid of his possessions and sets out on a journey into the Alaskan wilderness. He wants to forget living in the city. He even goes as far as changing his name to Alex Supertramp. He dies in the wilderness. His body was found in a broken-down bus that people used as a haven when they hike. During his journey, he traveled from all the way from Alaska to California, Nevada, and Mexico. Christopher McCandless was free, but it came with a terrible cost, his death. He suffered before he died because he only weighed sixty-seven pounds. He suffered because he could not eat anything because he could not kill anything. He only ate nuts and berries most of the time.
When Christopher was found dead, his corpse weighed no more than sixty-seven pounds. He was five feet eight inches. Before Christopher left, he weighed one hundred and thirty-three pounds. The average weight for someone who is healthy and five feet eight inches’ tall is one hundred and twenty-one to one hundred and sixty-four pounds. Christopher weight almost half of what he was supposed to weigh. He had a very low calorie intake. If you have a low-calorie intake, you might just kill yourself because you don’t get enough nutrients. Chris was moving around a lot so he needed a high calorie diet so that he had enough calories to burn. He was eating less calories than he was burning. “After subsisting for three months on an exceedingly marginal diet, McCandless had run up a sizable calorie deficit.” (Krakauer ,188) “Malnutrition and the road have taken its toll on his body. Over 25 pounds lost. But his spirit is soaring.” (Krakauer, 37)
Furthermore, Chris suffered in the...

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