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This Is An Essay About What The Gothix Stereotype Is And Also How The Media Has Affected The Gothic Stereotype.

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Stereotypes and the MediaIt only takes one bad person to make the rest look bad. The media, in attempt to make scandalous headlines, enjoys writing about the shocking things that happen in life. So when someone that is Gothic or appears to be Gothic does something bad it will make headlines. Thus that is why there is more bad news than good news about the Gothic community. Actually, I don't think the media has ever printed any good things about the Gothic community because they do not care about who they hurt; they just want to make money. Stereotypes will unfortunately be around longer until people can deal with differential issues regarding other people; by stereotyping, our culture has learned to judge others more quickly on a first hand basis, often provoke a fight with those one normally would not converse with, and sadly perform racial remarks on those we do not know.The media has formed its own opinion on what the Gothic stereotype is. This is largely due to today's talk shows. The Jenny Jones talk show and other well-known talk shows have had so called "Goths" on their shows. To gain ratings talk show hosts like Jenny Jones would only invite onto their show such misguided young teens who dressed like the living dead, worshipped Marilyn Manson or Satan, did bad in school, treated their parents badly, and that had claimed to be Gothic. Due to these misinformed talk shows such teenagers have become the Gothic stereotype and have created a bad image for the entire Gothic community.The public eye has been transformed to view peopledifferently on a first look basis, due mostly to the media.This would be contributed to many books, movies and T.V. shows. Towards the end of the 1800's, the great media Gothic era began with the help of the newly released book Dracula. The whole "vampiric" subset of modern Goth begins with that book (Russell). Gothic appearances in cinema also started to come out in the 20th century. The release of Tod Browning's Dracula in 1931 marked the real beginnings of the American horror film, which in turn introduced society to the so-called Gothic look (Russell).Many movies deal with Gothic stereotypes because of the main characters in the movies. Such movies would include The Addams Family and Rocky Horror Picture Show. In The Addams Family all of the characters dress in all black, have black hair, have pasty white skin, and are all very much enthused by death, thus making the viewers believe they would all be Gothic because of their characteristics. This movie brings in viewers of all ages to not only view the movie as a whole, but to also see people being diverse. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie with assorted characters. Setting aside all of the extra characters, most of the characters in this film would be considered by the media to be Gothic. That would be because of the clothes they wear and how they look as a group.Numerous people do not believe the gothic stereotype that they hear and see from the media....

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