This Is An Essay Disproving Global Warming.

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The theory of global warming has been the driving force of environmental policy reform for many years, but evidence suggests different causes for the warming, and different outcomes than expected. This controversial subject has been a topic of debate in the scientific community, and will be for the next thousand years.The theory of Global Warming is a term used to describe an increase, over time, of the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Global warming theories attempt to account for the rise in average global temperatures since the late 19th century, and assess the extent to which the effects are due to human causes(Houghton). Most supporters believe that human CO2 emmisions are to blame for the warming, causing a Greenhouse Effect, while others attribute it to methane. There are also those that blame the hole in the ozone layer that "lets in more sun." The scientists do not agree on the cause, but do agree on one thing: the Earth is warming.Since the year 1850, the earth has increased in average surface temperature 0.35 degrees (Tennesen). Other things have increased as well, such as the human population. The population increased by 5 billion in the past 150 years. The amount of termites doubled, and therefore double the methane production (methane is a very potent greenhouse gas). Sun intensity has increased as well (Crichton). Also, a period of time known as "The Little Ice Age" ended 150 years ago, when the warming started. During this period that lasted from 1300 to 1850, Europe was seriously hurt economically and socially by the horrible cold (Macdougal).Sun intensity vs. temperature.Population increases by 5 billion in 150 years.Graph of Ice Age cycle and temperatures.Many people think the temperature changes are new and unheard of, but the average temperature was so high from the 9th to the 14th centuries that vineyards thrived in England, and Vikings colonized Greenland and Canada. This warming was not due to human causes, but to the natural Ice Age cylce that has been occuring since the Earth came to be. Ice ages are the large scale climate changes that have occurred in the Earth's history. They are caused by fluctuations in the sun's intensity, and the "wobble" of the Earths axis. The wobble takes approximately 23,000 years (a "Great Year") to go from one extreme of 48deg; to the next (Rasmussen).The theory that human produced carbon dioxide has caused a greenhouse effect that will cause average temperatures to rise (Bailey) is widely accepted, especially by the media. Just recently, Time Magazine had an article that stated the Kyoto Treaty would help stop the...

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