This Is An Essay Describing The Gender Differences With Men And Women. It Shows How In The Show "Saved By The Bell" Used The Typical Gender Schema.

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Akash ChopraSociology 125Daryl HughesRoles according to the BellSliding into class at the last moment, Zack Morris still has a laid back sense to him, a smile on his face, and slapping high fives with his buddies. Zack from saved by the bell represents the true vision of what a typical male role is in our society. His girlfriend, Kelly, is traditional, obedient, caring, and kind, exactly what we would expect from Zack's girlfriend. In today's society gender roles account for the people we are, the way we act, and the way we live our lives. Whether you look at the traditional or androgynous relationship you will find that the roles in today's society are changing for better or worse.Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell are a perfect example of today's traditional relationships. Zack is a popular kid in the high school who believes in protecting his girlfriend and in a way he believes that maybe he is better then her and tells her what to do in many episodes. Kelly is the cheerleader girlfriend of Zack and is seemingly obedient and supportive of Zack. She is the perfect example of a traditional female in the relationship and seems to have no problem with it. In studying gender, one of the things that scholars have assumed is that society is constructed in such a way that the male dominates the female and this definitely holds true in their relationship. Personally, socially, and even financially society is set up so that women are basically forced to be submissive towards males.Another model that seems to apply to their relationship is the bipolar gender model in which the male and female traits are split according to societies views. Zack's straits are seemingly what they should be according to what society expects. He is controlling towards his women, protective of them, somewhat of a playboy and a troublemaker. Kelly had the motherly caretaker role, taking her boyfriends back on all subjects and socially obedient to her boyfriend.Slater and Jesse, who are another couple on the show, seem to have an androgynous relationship in which both seem to stray from the normal definition of what men and women should be. Slater is the muscle bound boyfriend who expects his girlfriend to serve him, though he sways from what we expect from him since he trusts his girl to take care or herself and lets her speak her mind. Also, he doesn't mind admitting when he's wrong and apologizing. This is something that most men feel guilty doing. He is also submissive towards his girlfriend in the right situation, which is seen rarely when done by choice.Slater seems to...

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