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This Is An Essay I Had To Write Describing An Experience Of A Memorable Experience And Describing A Time In Your Life... A Discriptive Memoir Type.

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Summer ThrillsI've always been a daring person. I like to take chances and try new anddifferent things. It makes me feel more alive when I do these types of things. It'sa way for me to enjoy my life. It's exciting and fun, too. I believe if you don'ttake any chances; your life will be very dull and boring. When you take chances,you always risk something whether it's your life, money, friends and family.But there is always something to gain. It's like gambling. I think that iswhy it's exciting.I realized this when I was twelve years old, during the summer of '93, aboutnine years ago. I went to Andros Karperos Middle School and had friends fromschool that I hung out with regularly. Steve was my age. He was a short andstocky fellow with red hair. Steve was the smartest one of my friends. He hadalways helped me with my homework. Sam was also twelve. He had long brownhair. Sam was as skinny as a toothpick and was one of the tallest kids in school.Then there were the twins Billy and Joe. I called him Crazy Joe because he wouldalways try to out do everybody. He showed me the ropes and introduced me toextreme sports, like motorcycle riding, snowboarding, and skiing. The twins livedthree houses down from me. Joe was fourteen, Billy twelve. We all liked to fish,swim, play football and basketball. We always did everything as a group.That summer, we all went swimming in my pool at least twenty-five times.Every afternoon, we would play a game of basketball or football then goswimming afterwards at my house. I had an Olympic size pool with a springydiving board and a ten-foot water slide. The water was always crystal clearand the temperature was perfect. We would play different pool games and race tosee who's the fastest swimmer. We were all excellent swimmers.We eventually got bored of playing the same games. I remember at that timewe were jumping off the waterslide and landing in shallow water about four feetdeep! For more excitement, we moved my jumbo size trampoline next to the pool,bounced up and down, then did back and front flips into the deep end of the pool.Sometimes we would get hurt but the injuries were usually minor-a sprained ankleor some scratches were the most we ever saw.One August afternoon, Sam was goofing off on the trampoline. When helanded he lost his balance and twisted his ankle severely. At that moment, I hearda loud pop! Sam fell in the water and tried to swim back to the edge. He wasstruggling in the water and wasn't going to make it. So I jumped in and broughthim back to the edge of the pool."You saved me," Sam said. He thanked me later on that day.Towards the end of June, we didn't really go swimming anymore. I hated toswim at my house; it was the same old thing everyday. We all wanted to findanother spot to swim, so we started searching.One day, we were riding around on the dirt trails at the river bottoms and wespotted a nice spot to go swimming. It was a mini beach with a flat surface ofwhite sand spread all over. The water...

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