This Is An Essay On Animal Experimentation, Specializing In The Cosmetic Section.

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You see it in magazines, haunting images, dying animals, and you wonder to yourself, did god create animals for testing if eyeliner was not affecting our delicate skin, or to show you how special your foundation is as it killed over 50 animals and put the rest in excruciating pain?No, it's cosmetic testing on animal and it has no point ever since it started in the seventeenth century by Philosopher Jeremy Bentham, who made the theory "That animals are not able to reason and therefore do not feel pain and suffering." Little did he know that just because animals couldn't talk like humans doesn't mean they don't hurt or suffer.The only reasons animals suffer are because of the tests are performed on animals. Many because of new materials going into a product, so the safety of that product must be tested again, wasting time, money, and most importantly animal's lives. Things such as the "new and improved" stickers on nail polishes and lipsticks only show that the "new" thing about it was the extra half a million animals died to produce that title.So why keep a 30 yr old legend going when times have changed, new alternates and solutions have been discovered, and still let animals suffer? There was no use in our society then, so why now?The law, what is it? An oxford dictionary would define it as - a rule of conduct or procedure recognized by a community as binding or enforceable by authority. Now let's compare that to cosmetic testing, and anyone would see that there is no connection, because cosmetic companies are not required to test on animals.That's why it is so hard to believe the companies, despite anything that has been said, and the facts thrown in front of them, their still choose to rub cosmetics in animal's faces, or should we say down their throats. Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), don't persuade testing, they only ask that each ingredient in a cosmetics product be "adequately substantiated for safety", or a warning label telling the customer that the product has not be tested.Testing on animals is not necessary, as the test done on the animals are not useful. Humans and animals are totally different and react different, so why test on animals when the result are not going to be accurate and sell the product with dodgy results.Charles R. Magel quoted, "Ask the...

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