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This Is An Essay On Drugs And The Legalization Of Them. It Was Turned In And Convinced Many Of Those To Whom I Had Presented It To.

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Why not take a little escape from reality?The request for legalizing drugs has entered the mainstream of public debates in recent years, mostly focusing on marijuana. This brings about the following essay centered around the main question -- should marijuana be legalized? Europe has allowed those laws to not so much abolish as to bend the usage of drugs. Look at countries such as... The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland have all ventured down the legalizing drugs and have made it almost impossible to get arrested if you buy and use drugs; the criminal rate tied to drug usage has gone down . It will prove very beneficial to the world in the end if we decide to legallize a controlled amount of drug usage. Obviously there are some problems with drug usage such as abuse of drugs leading to criminal activity and/or fatalities (self and of others), the health hazards another impediment would be the theory that, the legalization would decrease price and increase availability;... I beg to differ.It is scientifically proven that the thing that makes drugs so enticing is the fact that it is not allowed; human nature is to want to break the rules for the adrenalin rush of having the chance of getting "caught"; there would no longer be a spice to the act of smoking a little bit of marijuana. Sin: committing an act which is publicly seen as unlawful... there was a movie call "Original Sin" the title strikes you and captures your eyes because there is a hint of deceit or in other words wrong. The criminal rate tied to drug usage in The Netherlands has gone down amazing amount since... because by making it not dangerous you have take the zest out of the drugs itself. A connection to the subject of criminal actions,... terrorists main source of income is the black-market trade of illegal drugs, you don't see Osama Bin Laden selling cigarettes to fund his nuclear insanity, therefore I argue that if drugs were legal not only would we not be funding the destruction of our country, I am not arguing that we can stop terrorism but I am merely saying that we can at least NOT support it. Another reason why the legalization will benefit to the lives of our fellow humans is that teens no longer will have to go to the black-market to get drugs,... this automatically saves our children from having to deal with these criminals who try to be above the law. Then again we must also recognize those people who abuse the substance by overdosing: firstly, there is no possible way to get an overdose from marijuana then again we are discussing the entire drug industry, lets look once again at The Netherlands... they have seen the unfortunate people who are addicted to heroin so they fund them with the agreement to wean off the drugs slowly and they are recommended to a rehabilitation program... and then there are also certain drugs they allow a certain amount of consumption, this controlled amount keeps a monitor on the person and it gives them boundaries before...

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