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This Is An Essay On Hedda Gabler And How She Needs To Find Happiness.

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Hedda Gabler's Obsession with HappinnessFinding happiness can be a struggle in many people's lives. Happiness comes from one allowing his/her self to deal with emotional stress and to accept the life that he/she has. In the story of "Hedda Gabler," Henrik Ibsen's shows how people's sadness can be the cause of a woman's happiness. Hedda Gabler struggles in this story to find happiness by making the people around her miserable. Hedda's upbringing in a rich household is the cause of her sadness and it results in the actions she commits towards others. Her longing to be loved ruins the lives of everyone around her. Hedda's yearning for attention causes her to make Mrs. Elvsted miserable, to ruin Eilert Loevberg's dream, and to kill herself because of the loneliness she feels inside of her.Hedda gets pleasure out of torturing Mrs. Elvsted. She makes sure that Mrs. Elvsted is not happy because Mrs. Elvsted is in love with Eilert Loevberg, Hedda's past love. Hedda has had feelings for Eilert Loevborg for a long time, but because of Loevborg's social status, Hedda couldn't marry Loevberg. When Eilert asked Hedda about why Hedda ended it with Eilert, she said, "Yes, when I realized that our friendship was threatening to develop into something-sometheing else. Shame on you, Eilert Loevberg! How could you abuse the trust of your dearest friend?" (p 1493) She had to marry someone that her parents could accept. She married George Tesman, a research graduate in cultural history. George was a very intelligent man whose social status fit the one that Hedda's parents wanted for their daughter. Marrying Tesman only made Hedda more depressed and emotionally unstable. Tesman was not the man for her. She explained to the Judge why she had to marry Tesman. "Why on earth did I marry George Tesman?....Oh-cause, cause- After all, George Tesman-well I mean, he's a very respectable man." Hedda said. (p 1484) He was into history and reading. Whereas, Hedda wanted to have fun and have a conversation with her husband and have people over for tea. "He thinks life has nothing better to offer than rooting around in libraries and copying old pieces of parchment, or whatever it is he does. Well, it's all right for him. But for me! Oh no, my dear Judge. I've been bored to death." (p 1482) Hedda knows that marrying Eilert would not be the right thing to do so she decides to marry Tesman, but she is very unhappy. When Hedda finds out that Eilert and Mrs. Elvsted are in love, something comes over her and she starts to have hatred towards Mrs. Elvsted. She wants Mrs. Elvsted to tell Hedda about all the wrong that she has felt for Eilert and make a fool out of herself. When Mrs. Elvsted comes over and talks to Hedda, Hedda is determined to ask as many questions to get the truth out of Mrs. Elvsted. "Well, if he sends you all the way down here to look for him-- Besides, you said so yourself to Tesman." Hedda said. "Did I? Oh yes, I suppose I did. Well, I might as well tell you the whole...

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