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This Is An Essay On Racial Discrimination Within Youths And Other. It Is Well Researched And Has Both Work Cited And Bibliography. Enjoy

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A four year-old girl is given several photographs of children her age, and is asked to place them into groups. She decides to divide them into three piles. "They're girls, they're boys, and they're Blacks."Even this innocent, young girl can tell a difference between people, and considers them separate. Surely she does not mean to be rude, or point out the differences in a bad way, she just doesn't know any better. This leads me to the belief in which the behavior shown is not only learned, but is genetic in the beginning stages, enabling us to discriminate. This discrimination then leads to racism. In today's diverse society there is an enormous problem centering around racism. It is my stance we as American people, should stand up, and take measures to ensure we address the issue of racism and discrimination. However, we do not enforce by trying to be over-sensitive to various practices. This comes in a variety of forms such as: Affirmative Action, college acceptance, and everyday discrimination. Therefore, we should not make any special accommodations.Though not noticed, groups form everywhere. These groups have certain rules, behaviors, and rituals its members must follow. The groups are divided into two kinds; those that are based on ones characteristics, and those that are based on heredity traits. Today, there are many more varieties such as social and political groups. Social groups are those based on a persons interests. Political groups are more of a problem. This type of group thrives on power, and competes at all costs to gain any power. The problem of power and inferiority arise, beginning the first step to racism.Groups, though separate, are bound to run across each other sometime or another. The next step is where fear is released. This is a consequence of our need to have power. Over time, the differences will possibly become harmful, and others become to be seen as inferior. These feelings soon need to be backed by an emotion. The one emotion seemingly justifiable is hatred, a direct result of fear. Fear is not something people do well with. After a while, the feelings of hatred become known as normal. Using fear is unavoidable in some situations. It is no longer seen as the typical thing to do because people feel the need to be equal to one another.Mark Ross states in The Roots of Racism that "Hate and fear are so ubiquitous in all societies that it would seem unlikely to be just a learned behavior". Racism is solely human needs to separate one another into groups such as: common interests, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, or physical characteristics. The issue of comfort comes into play when people feel discomfort with those who are not in their specific group. Usually unnecessary, negative feelings are attached to the perception of the "outcasts". In theory, it is much easier to avoid the "outsiders" all together. There would be no reason to have to interact with them because they are seen as different, which could possibly be a...

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