This Is An Essay On The Topic If Heakthcare Should Be Maintianed Even If It Means Raising Taxes.

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RICKIE-LEE KEIKO SUGIYAMASOCIALS 11MR ADEYMAY 7 2003ESSAY ON POLITICSOver the past year the Canadian Government has been making educational and healthcare cuts. These cuts have regulated the future of the children and healthcare. The cuts have laid off teachers, doctors, and nurses, which is the reason for increases in unemployment. Raising taxes to maintain healthcare and education will not be good because then it will decrease consumer rate, although it is good also since children are the future and will need health care and education. Healthcare and education should be maintained even if it means raising taxes.If raising taxes are the right thing to do in order to maintain healthcare and education, "Then do it" some people would say. People who agree with raising taxes believe that it is for the benefit of the children and healthcare. Where now a days in order to have a successful life, people need education. Healthcare is needed for society to keep it sanitary and help prevent disease while curing viruses. Having this will help prevent school and hospital closures or even shut downs. For instance, the closure of the operating room, down South. It will also help prevent unemployment since society will need doctors, teachers and nurses. Having these different occupations can help increase the economy while decreasing poverty. If healthcare is not maintained there can be an increase in death rate, which means a decrease in the population. Not raising taxes means unemployment for the doctors, nurses and teachers that get laid off. This means the government will have...

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