This Is An Essay On The Culture Of Argrntina And What Life Is Like In Argentina.

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Life In ArgentinaCulture, as defined in Webster's dictionary, is"...the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends upon mans capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations..."(Merriam Webster 1). Culture consists of things like language, ideas, customs, beliefs and religion. Everywhere you go you may find many different cultural things, even within the same area, and even with in the same state.The way you think and feel is influenced by the culture in which you were raised and can be changed somewhat if you move into another area with a different type of culture. "Variations among cultures is attributable to such factors as differing physical habitats and resources...".(britannica 2)Argentina, officially known as the Argentine Republic, has a very diverse culture. Before I get to the culture of Argentina let me provide some facts about Argentina. Argentina "is the eighth largest country in the world and, behind Brazil, the second largest country in South America."( Lewis 3) Argentina is bordered by Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, brazil and Uruguay. The main language spoken is Spanish however its not unusual to hear other languages spoken. The climate in Argentina is tropical and rainfall is frequent. Argentina's capital is Buenos Aires. It is estimated that nearly 3.7 million people live in Argentina today(Lewis 3).Almost 92 percent of Argentines are Roman Catholic, it appears that even more are indifferent to religion. There is a lot of witch craft that goes on in Argentina. People practice voodoo and put curses on people and things. Catholicism may be the most prominent religion in Argentina but there are many other groups present. Argentina's people pretty much have religious freedom. Oddly enough some religions, such as the Mormons find it hard to practice their religion in Argentina. They feel like targets of attack. Now lets talk about an amazing move of god that Argentina has been blessed to be a part of. The heavens are open over Argentina and they have seen things that seem to be unreal to many. They have seen the sick healed, teeth turned into gold, gold dust appear on people out of no where and even more awesome they have seen the dead come alive again. Their revival in Argentina has been led by man great leaders. Carlos Annacondia is on of them. He is truly an amazing man of god, I had the privilege of meeting him last summer. "Annacondia may be the most effective city wide interdenominational crusade evangelists of all times."( Wagner 4) He holds church services where he preaches god's word and thousands come to hear him. He then does an altar call service which is when one can witness the many miracles that are taking place over there all the time. The argentine people seem to me to be very passionate and genuine when it comes to serving and worshipping the Lord. They seem to have a sincere desire to spread God's word to all of their people and to the world."Probably the best...

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