This Is An Essay That Argues As To Whether Or Not The "Progressive Era" Was Truely Progressive Or Really Retrogressive

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The Progressive era lasted from 1900 to 1920. There was a great deal of change in everything. The economy changed, politics changed, and even society and the way that people interacted with each other changed. Some people think that this was a retrogressive era, where racism flourished against African Americans and immigrants, and foreign policy was too aggressive. Others think that this was a progressive era, where equality was finally given to women who had waited for it for so long. Even with this disagreement, overall the 'Progressive' Era was a combination of both. Though racism flourished and foreign policy was overly aggressive, there was an increase in political equality and an economic boom.The first example of how the United States retrogressed socially was the fast increase in racism and xenophobia across the country. From 1900 to 1909 the number of immigrants who came to the United States an astonishing 9 million and from 1910 to 1920 was still at a very high 6 million. These were large numbers compared to that of the Gilded Age, which averaged about 4.5 million. White Americans were proud of how the United States was and wanted to defend it and keep it the same. They also did not want the immigrants to move in because of: job competition, and political beliefs such as Socialism and communism. This hostility of immigrants is called xenophobia. White Americans were also mad at African Americans because of job competition, which led to wage cuts. Soon white supremacy groups like the KKK resurrected around the country, but this time their hatred was not only aimed at African Americans, it was aimed at anyone who was different or anyone that the White Americans found to be in any way harmful or invasive. With World War I, White Americans developed an extreme hatred toward Germans and anyone of German descent because the United States was in the midst of fighting the Germans who started the war. Acts like the Espionage and Sedition Acts were passed and they led to the arrest and deportation of many German Americans and immigrant labor leaders. All of these factors led to a retrogression of the United States socially by creating a racial and ethnic hierarchy that put White Americans at the top and anyone who was different below them.Another example of how the United States retrogressed socially and economically was the United States overly aggressive foreign policy. The United States was very forceful in how it interacted with other countries. In one instance the United States government got involved in affairs between Europe and Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Venezuela and the Dominican Republic owed Europe money and were having a hard time paying it back. Europe threatened to come into Venezuela and the Dominican Republic in order to receive their money. President at that time, Teddy Roosevelt, told Europe that if they came into the western hemisphere he would have to get involved. He got the United States involved by moving into...

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1015 words - 4 pages and became active. Therefore, women's right to vote granted by the Nineteenth Amendment led to more equality and reform for women.The 17th and 19th Amendments have lasted to this very date which have for the most part been successful, while the 18th Amendment was rejected years later and created more problems than it solved. Overall, the Progressive Era solved the problems that had plagued America during the Industrialization period and created a

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742 words - 3 pages from the progression, they could receive birth control pills for free to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Now I know this is not all that happened during this era but I think that I was about to show what the major points where and the things that effected us the most. People don't realize what was gone through to make the U.S what it is like today. What do you think that it would be like if we didn't have so much change in the progressive era? Do you think that you would still be like you are, living easy with many benefits I guess that we will never know? But it is good to appreciate how much the progressive era did for us and changed our lives.

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1273 words - 5 pages their children by providing cash public assistance. The settlement house led by Jane Addams was a movement that allowed wealthy women live among the poor for they could have an inside scope on poverty. They also developed group work, community organization and advocacy to help the poor. Addams was not really concern with race relations which made it hard for African Americans to survive during this era. Most reformers believed African Americans

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1683 words - 7 pages could see the progress that was coming. “While Bourne thought transnationalism was to a degree already achieved in America, it was also an ideal toward which America should continue to strive” (Fischer, 155). The United States of America is currently seen as a country where people can come to be free and express themselves in any way that they want. This may have been the illusion during the Progressive Era, but it was not the truth. During

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1062 words - 5 pages century reformers focused on a limited version of American life. This era of reform was the progressive movement. Their focus was largely upon quantity instead of quality. The proposed reforms were mainly economic in nature, which is why quantity over quality was well known during this time. Many Americans looked at the powers of big businesses as the major cause if their difficulty. They believed if businessmen could succeed in promoting their

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1087 words - 4 pages The Progressive era was society¡¯s response to industrialization and it¡¯s by-products, by-products meaning urbanization, urban growth, corporate power, labor safety, widening class divisions, and humanitarian themes for immigrants and laborers. Unlike most movements this era wasn¡¯t brought upon by political parties but by the people. People formed private groups such as the American League for Civic Improvement

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723 words - 3 pages step.The progressive era started in the west, where progressives believed that government is responsible for cleaning up the corruption caused initially by the Industrial Revolution. It was clear why progressives felt the need to clean up American society. Robert Lofollete, a Republican who fought for the rights of the farmer and laborer, began progressivism at the state level. His contribution helped start the progressive era successfully. Once

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1419 words - 6 pages reform in politics and government. This was a time when reformers demanded safe working conditions and regulation of big business for men, women and children. This was an era when progressive officials that expanded the role of government to aid society in cleaning up the cities and an era when environmental concerns overcame big business. A time when women made a big difference in child and health issues not to mention the women’s suffrage movement. Progressive reformers instituted many of the programs and policies that we enjoy today as a nation.

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598 words - 2 pages decided to expand upon an idea of his. That the wealthy have an obligation to serve. This belief and his bull-headiness made him the most progressive president.In Theodore Roosevelt's time in office he created many laws that protected the people. He immediately emerged as a trustbuster when he dissolved the biggest railroad monopoly in the Northwest. One act he established was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which said that, every trust or conspiracy that

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1703 words - 7 pages oversaw the management of private corporations running public utilities. Unlike the previous historians, Paula Baker does not specifically focus on the progressives or their accomplishments, but rather looks at the development of women’s politics during the Progressive Era. It is interesting to note that a woman wrote this piece and that it was written in 1984, during a decade that marked mass female movement into the business world. In “The

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