This Is An Essay Written About The Prohibition Law And How It Effected People Park City High School/ Us History Essay

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Parker Seifert
Mrs. Lanoue
US History
January 26th, 2018 (absent)
Prohibition Act
From 1920-1933 the Prohibition act was placed. A social and political experiment
changed many American’s view on alcoholic beverages. The intention of the act was to reduce
the consumption of alcohol by completely eliminating businesses that manufactured, distributed,
and sold it, needless to say…the plan backfired. The prohibition era was known for gangsters,
bootleggers, speakeasies, rum-runners, all citizens who take credit for illegally producing
alcoholic beverages. This caused a rise in gang violence along with many other crimes. This
increase in violence and disruption caused for, in 1933, congress to repeal the 18th amendment
that banned alcohol.
To enforce the act, Temperance movements were put in place to encourage abstinence
from drinking alcohol. The movement was first organized by religious denominations, primarily
Methodists in the 1840s. The initial campaign started out strong but shortly after in the 1950’s
lost its power. Many began to support prohibition, groups like the Woman's Christian
Temperance Union ( established 1874), the Prohibition Party (established 1869) and the Anti-
Saloon League (established In 1893) helped increase campaigning which revived the “Dry
The reasoning behind the Prohibition act mainly was to to save grain during World war I.
Later, congress submitted the 18th amendment banning the manufacture, transportation and sale
of intoxicating liquors with a seven year time limit. Only two years later, was nationally passed
by law....

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