This Is An Evaluation Of Affirmative Action. In The Essay, I Argue That Affirmative Action Is No Longer An Effective Means In Achieving Racial Equality

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AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGEAffirmative Action is a public policy dealing with discrimination in regards to equal opportunity. President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced affirmative action public policy to Americans in 1965 in the hopes that the policy would create a more equal society. Every other policy issue or law dealing with discrimination was directed at the theory and ideas of equality, whereas Affirmative Action dealt with the fact and result of equality. The policy was aimed at particular areas of concern such as education and the workforce. These were areas where white males had historically dominated the available positions. Affirmative Action was intended to give blacks and other minorities the same opportunities for promotions, salary increases, career advancement, school admissions, scholarships, and financial aid. It was also seen as a temporary patch to American society until there was a level playing field for all people.38 years later, the same policy is in place for many states and remains relatively unchanged and as a result has become a source of heated controversy. The majority opinion in the United States supports Affirmative Action because people still believe that without the policy, the education institutions and workplaces would not naturally see potential students and employees through color-blind eyes. The majority of Americans feel as though there is still a need for a balancing act to be done by the government.Contrary to popular belief, the non-supporters of Affirmative Action do not entirely consist of conservative republican white males. Many Black and Hispanic groups are against the Affirmative Action policy. They feel as though it is a step back in their equality struggle. "It is patronizing and it causes everyone to pay closer attention to your specific race. It also invites comments by other non-ethnic students regarding the way you were accepted at the university," said Nicholas Centino who is an African-American member of the United States Student Association in Washington, D.C.The majority of the state of California does not agree with the nation's majority on Affirmative Action policy. The California State Supreme Court ruled in 1997 against the use of preferential treatment according to race or gender for education or any public employment. This law is commonly known as Proposition 209. Proposition 209 sets a precedence in Affirmative Action law not only in California, but also across the U.S. Texas is another state that has also adopted anti-Affirmative Action laws regarding their higher education institutions.The passage of such laws is interesting considering the demographics of both California and Texas in regards to ethnicity. Both states are very racially diverse with California being the most diverse in America. 32.4% of the population in California is Hispanic or Latino whereas the percentage for the entire United States is only 12%. Interestingly enough is the party affiliation of California as well as the...

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4217 words - 17 pages the chance to leave a legacy of equality that this world has never know. We must learn from our mistakes. Our future generations will know no boundaries nothing will be to far fetched for them. Everyone will be able to reach for the stars. They will no longer know the pain of not having a job to provide for your family because of the color of your skin. If we do these things Affirmative Action will succeed in accomplishing its mission, If we do

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1235 words - 5 pages like a good idea. In black and white, it was being shown to help minorities out of a peripheral black hole, without pointing out the fact that affirmative action programs were actually a violation of citizens' fourteenth amendment rights.Avid supports of affirmative action say it is an important mean for universities and other organizations to maintain diversity, which helps break down racial barriers and better reflects an integrated world. They

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1071 words - 4 pages ; Affirmative action should be abolished, such an unlawful thing shouldn't even be considered in the United States.  If we allow affirmative action to proceed, we are just proving to ourselves that we endorse and accept discrimination in the workplace.  There is absolutely no reason why  it should exist.  Affirmative action lends a bad name to the United States of America.  Others may view our fine country as a country

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942 words - 4 pages be disastrous. I think we're going to have an all-white university, virtually, within a year or two... (King 3). In addition, minority students are now more likely to apply to other universities that are still able to use affirmative action and financial aid programs, and thus UT Austin and other Texas schools are likely to miss out on some excellent students. A lower minority percentage will also decrease the opportunities of students and

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926 words - 4 pages uncontrollable factors. Affirmative action is anything that shows even the slightest preference of a person. Each and every person will be subjected to it in his or her search for a university or college, whether it is intentional preferential treatment or not. Whatever aspect of ones life and achievements it is that allows a person to be chosen over the next person for a school is simply another type of affirmative action. Because of this, affirmative


777 words - 3 pages Affirmative action is a failed attempt to end racial discrimination in the work place and educational institutions. It has created a whole new brand of racial discrimination. People who are better qualified for jobs are turned away because a company or school has to meet a certain quota. This kind of discrimination should be stopped. People should be judged on their accomplishments alone. Affirmative action advocates would have people believe

This argumentative essay in support of Affirmative Action including bibliography.

1593 words - 6 pages Americans to find employment and receive fair salaries. Fair employment andhiring policies without regard to race are a must, and I believe affirmative action is thecheck and balance of this hiring process.For this purpose, affirmative action was put into place to protect the rights of minorities.For years it stood guard in the hallways of employers, universities, and other organizationsto remind those with decision making authority to be fair

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1874 words - 7 pages be more representative of the population[1]. This is commonly achieved through targeted recruitment programs aimed at applicants from socio-politically disadvantaged groups. In some cases affirmative action involves giving preferential treatment to these groups.[2] Opponents of affirmative action policies argue that they are based on collectivism and merely another equal form of discrimination because they can result in qualified applicants

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2658 words - 11 pages well continue in almost any if not all spheres of life.The theories of distributive justice known as aristocracy and kraterism would never allow for affirmative action. The theory of aristocracy calls for the distribution of resources based on one's superiority or inferiority in terms of "inherited station," even though there is no scientific evidence that members of advantaged groups always turn out to be better performers in every imaginable field

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2088 words - 8 pages , is trying to secure the Untouchables with equal rights. Even though this great policy is being promoted, many Dalits are against it. Affirmative Action simply means to increase the representation of minorities in areas where they are excluded and unwanted. The government in India has proposed this controversial policy of increasing quotas for lower caste students, at the countries elite educational universities. Their aims are to reserve an

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2420 words - 10 pages Affirmative Action is Reverse Discrimination Even though slavery has not been a part of America for over a century now, racial discrimination still exists in various parts of our culture. A controversial policy known as affirmative action was introduced in the 1960's to try and promote racial equality in society. Affirmative action is supposed to give minorities an equal chance in life by requiring minority employment, promotions, college

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2776 words - 11 pages veterans but there were no goals or timetables for these two groups. This type of affirmative action required recruitment efforts, accessibility, accommodation and reviews of physical and mental job qualifications (Brown). This legislation did wonders for the disabled in terms of jobs and promoted equality so that even the handicapped and elderly could receive employment. President Jimmy Carter consolidated all federal agencies that were required

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1709 words - 7 pages over students who did not. It is invalid to argue that we do not try and put ourselves at an advantage over minority groups. (4) Critique Likewise to the viewpoint of affirmative action advancing racial equality, some people hold the viewpoint that affirmative action does not advance racial equality based on invalid arguments. For example, some may argue “the only way to create a color-blind society is to create color-blind policies.” This

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1690 words - 7 pages within her borders. There is no doubting that this continued discrimination is a problem; however, the question arises with how to deal with it. Legislation has been passed to remedy the situation, yet has been seemingly ineffective. Affirmative action has caused problems without fulfilling its purpose. The downfall of affirmative action is that it is the wrong action; the United States society has problems, including an underlying tension of