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This Is An Exercice From The Novel Cue For Treason. The Exercise Was Too Subsititute The Main Character For Another One And Explain How The Story Would Have Been Different.

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I decided to substitute Peter Brownrigg for a character I know very well, Harry Potter. I have read the Harry Potter book collection; therefore, I know his character in detail. The story would have been different in many ways with Harry Potter because of his differences with Peter Brownrigg. In the first place, the whole story would not have occurred since Harry Potter would have done his job right when keeping watch. Harry Potter is a big observer so he would have been more careful. He would have reacted sooner to Sir Philip Morton arriving. Harry is a wizard; as a result, he would have been able to magic himself out of dreadful situations. For example, Harry could have picked up his hat with magic, which wouldn't have left any evidence on the mountain top.Another difference is that Harry Potter and Peter Brownrigg have diverse emotions and reactions to unusual situations. This fact would have made the story different at many moments. For instance, when Peter realizes that Kit Kirkstone is writing to Sir Philip, he jumps to conclusions about Kit and assumes that "he" is working for Sir Philip Morton. However, Harry, being a patient and understanding boy, would have talked to Kit and discussed how his life was endangered by Sir Philip Morton. Another different reaction that could have occurred with Harry is in the Peel Tower, while listening to Anthony Duncan and James talk about the plot for treason against the Queen. Harry would have been a great deal more careful than Peter and would probably not have slipped. Thirdly, the situation could have changed when...

Find Another Essay On This is an exercice from the novel Cue for Treason. The exercise was too subsititute the main character for another one and explain how the story would have been different.

John F. Kennedy: How the Vietnam War Would Have Been Different

887 words - 4 pages been asked by many. Possibly one of the most vexing questions left unanswered about JFK’s presidency, as well as the era of the Vietnam War. If JFK had lived out his term, rather than to be struck down by an assassins bullet, how would the outcome of the Vietnam War have been different? Over the many of years, there has been documented evidence suggesting what John had planned, and not planned, to do about the ongoing conflict in Vietnam. These

This is a comparison of Roman and American character. It was written for humanities class. It just discusses the two cultures' character and how they were similar and different

1123 words - 4 pages performed by slaves, reducing the wages of free workers to a point where it was almost as profitable to be idle as it is to toil."(Durant) The switch from an agrarian economy to a slave labor driven one definitely made some of the citizens not loyal. The people would take actions that they wouldn't have done in a normal situation. Free farmers moved into crowded cities and there were not necessarily more jobs in the city, so that made living

What are the main features of the five sector circular flow model? How is equilibrium achieved and what implications does this have for policy makers?

970 words - 4 pages upon one another. The Australian Economy is open, which is its open to flows of goods, services and capital from overseas using different currencies (with fixed exchange rates). In the open economy income is used for consumption, savings, tax or spent on imports.The new feature in the five-sector model is the overseas sector that includes imports and exports - Trade. The same principles apply to this model as the imports are represented as

This essay is on Jane Eyre. The question was: How does Jane's character change through the course of the novel?

865 words - 3 pages Rochester's previous wife. “ But then a voice revered me that I could do it; and foretold that I should do it. I wrestled with my own resolution...” Jane wants to be weak and just love Mr Rochester and be with him yet her character was strong, leading her away from Thornfield and into a whole new perspective of the world. Penniless and hungry, Jane is forced to sleep outdoors and beg for food and this shows how her sense of autonomy is so

The Title is Antisemitism and the Dreyfus Affair. It answers the question of whether or not Cpt. Dreyfus would have been arrested if he was not a jew. The essay states that he would not have been

2269 words - 9 pages increase in nationalism, an unprecedented love of, and interest in, the Army, and an anti-Semitic revival. If Dreyfus had not been a Jew in the army, the Affair would have been no more than a minor controversy, as many cases after him were. He also might not have been convicted. Anti-Semitism along with chance was the main reason Dreyfus was arrested.Alfred Dreyfus was born in Mulhouse, on October 9, 1859 to a family of Alsatian Jews. As a result of the

This essay discusses the impact of technological advances and immigration during the industrial age. This was an exercise used to prepare for the U.S. History A.P. exam

822 words - 3 pages Labor's popularity. The Homestead Strike is another example of workers' unrest and the company's prevalence to their resistance.Technology was better able to reduce the pains of rural living; yet, it also too away job opportunities as machines became the human betters. Immigrants posed as threats to the workers' job security as many took on Americans' jobs. Workers had realized their strains in the cost of living and rose against their employers. These examples of the industrial workers' struggle show how their lives were greatly affected by the advancements in technology and the influx of immigrants in search of a better life.

Imagine that you are an actor and have been asked to take on the role of 'Hale' in 'The Crucible'. Discuss how you would like to portray your character on the stage

1273 words - 5 pages , making it very different from when he arrived and he was arrogant and confident."Reverend Hale enters. They look at him for an instant in silence. He is steeped in sorrow, exhausted, and more direct then he ever was."He also now has gotten to know and interacted more with the characters in Salem and now after he has come back, his opinions and how he interacts with them have changed. With Abigail Williams he used to trust her, but he can see what

A Cry for Help! True story about a girl's hardships. *the names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent*

1952 words - 8 pages , and she said yes. Then he asked her if she would like to lose her virginity to him. She said that she would have to think about it because she would be breaking a promise to her mother if she did and that she wasn't sure that she was ready to break that promise. Right around this time another guy, also named David but called Woody, IM-ed her and asked her what she was doing. She, being the blunt person that she is, told Woody what David had been

The Suit by Can Themba - How would I describe the character of Philemon and what support for this did I find?

1716 words - 7 pages another side of Philemon's character, as a hard working man and good friend. For Maphikela has the courage to tell Philemon of his wife's adultery. Philemon does notices a change in Maphikela's attitude, yet he did not notice a change in his wife? There are none as blind as those who do not wish to see. At this stage Philemon is still compassionate and encourages confidence, '... you can talk to me about anything,' (84). From Maphikela's

What was the main cause of world war I ? The four main causes were imperialism, militarism, alliances, and nationalism. Without these influences the war would have never happened

848 words - 3 pages would have never happened. However, all four of these main causes were inspired and encouraged by nationalism.Nationalism is known as the love of ones own country. Through this love breeds an aspiration to be unsurpassed by any other country; which, in this case, resulted in the First World War. Each country sought to prove themselves by gaining more area, maintaining a superior army, or protecting their own imperiled land. No one wanted to be seen

This one is Story of an hour comparing liberation with other story called " The Storm"

1073 words - 4 pages and added a little spice to her life and brought out a reborn woman that had been lost. "The Story of an Hour" is a tragedy. In a sense Mrs. Mallard is being unfaithful to her dead husband because she feels free from his restraints. She is more worried about her personal gain rather than the death of her husband. In the end her blindness to mortality slaps her in the face. For now she is the one being mourned. The women in these stories have

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