This Is An Exposition Essay Using A Lot Of Examples To Talk About The Crappy Things President George W Bush Has Done.

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George W. Bush has been the most destructive politician / president in the history of the UnitedStates. Since Bush has taken political office, whether it has been governor, president, or anythingelse, he has done a huge amount of damage. Under his leadership our economy is in a state ofconfusion, our integrity has dropped tremendously, and our environmental laws are slowing beinglost. Not to mention that many people see our leader as a man on a power trip doing what willhelp him and not what will help this country. By selecting Bush as our leader not only are wesuffering the consequences, but so are people in other countries.Before Bush was put into office he did plenty of things that should have made peoplerealize that he would not be the ideal man to run our country. He produced a gory Hollywoodslasher B movie. Then he went on to run for congress, with practically no political experience ofhis own and of course lost. Next, he bought an oil company, but couldn't find any oil in Texas; hesold all his stock and then the company went bankrupt. Baseball is what really made Bush rich. Hedecided to buy the Texas Rangers baseball team, using taxpayer money and land. He had astadium built and convinced the city to pay for everything. When someone else came alongwanting to buy the team he simply cashed out, and walked away rich. Finally, with the help of hisfather's name, he was elected governor of Texas.As governor of Texas, Bush made a lot of changes for the worse. To start off he changedthe policy to let convicted criminals have government jobs. Bush definitely set the record for themost executions ever while he was governor, a whopping 152. He even had enough nerve tomock a woman he put to death (Madsen). He cut taxes and basically bankrupted Texas by billionsof borrowed dollars. George W. Bush also changed the pollution laws in favor of the oilcompanies. By doing so he swapped Los Angeles for Houston as the most smog-ridden city in theUS. Bush then became president, not by popular vote, but only by electoral votes.Currently, as president, Bush has made a lot of...

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This essay is about the upcoming war against Iraq. In the essay, I analyze President George W. Bush's fallacies in explaining his urge for war.

1316 words - 5 pages both cases, the invasion of Iran and Kuwait, Saddam did request United States opinion on his ventures and received the green light.Second, Iraq is a country of about 20 million people with almost no industry, is largely rural, has no navy or air force of any size, and has an army that has proved no better than that of its neighbors. That this poor, little country could be a "threat" to the United States or attempt to "take over the world" is a

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3374 words - 13 pages “The enemy of America is not our many Muslim friends. It is not our many Arab friends. Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them.” The words of President George W. Bush on 9/20/01 1990, President George H.W. Bush went to the Persian Gulf region with his wife and top congressional leaders at Thanksgiving time to visit the 400,000 troops gathered in Saudi Arabia, whom he sent there to

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1117 words - 5 pages George H. W. Bush became the 41st president of the United States of America on January 20, 1989 by succeeding Ronald Reagan. He promised to American that there will be no new taxes. In his Inaugural Address he pledged in "a moment rich with promise" to use American strength as "a force for good." During his presidency he past many bill such as Clean air act which focused on the things reducing urban smog, and curbing acid rain. The other act

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2191 words - 9 pages experience.With the country in a state of general prosperity, the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore was perceived to be one of the least dynamic on issues. As it turned out, the race was one of the closest in the country's history. By early evening on election night, it was apparent that whoever won Florida would win the election. Bush's razor-thin margin of about 1,200 votes prompted an automatic recount. The case ultimately

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1845 words - 7 pages BUSH, George W(alker)(1946- ), 43d president of the U.S. (2001- ). The eldest son of George H. W. Bush, 41st president of the U.S. (1989-93), he is the first son of a former president to win the White House since John Quincy Adams in 1824.Early Career.Born on July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Conn., he spent most of his childhood first in Midland and then in Houston, Tex. He earned his undergraduate degree from Yale, the same university his father had

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918 words - 4 pages President Bush - A Liar, a Thief, and a Criminal Contents Intro Unprecedented History of Bush Bush as President Facts Conclusion Bibliography The purpose of this essay is to expose George W. Bush as the fraud he is. From rigging the 2000 presidential election, to waging war on a country that had no connection to the 9/11 bombings on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers. George Bush must be shown for what he really is

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1818 words - 7 pages them. Bush consistently employs several rhetorical strategies in order to establish his credibility throughout his address. The primary way that Bush establishes this credibility is by using his speech to demonstrate that he, as president, has a handle on the crisis. One way that he does this is by remaining composed, calm, and collected throughout the entirety of his speech. Bush’s demeanor is unperturbed throughout, and his voice never

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1579 words - 6 pages students each year to see how well they perform. Bush wants to make sure children can read and he has high expectations, and strong accountability from them. Gore wants to hire more teachers so students can have more time with the teachers. He also wants to do this and do that but he has been in Washington for eight years and nothing has been accomplished. It seems like Vice President Al Gore is misleading on these issues. America needs a leader that is a man of his word and can bring the Republicans and the Democrats together to strengthen the nation. It is most likely that I will vote for Governor George W. Bush to be the next President of the United States of America.

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884 words - 4 pages is no one left to make amends with. Similarly, late President George W. Bush made an error in judgment—the Iraq war, and, like Creon, he loses the respect and loyalty of his country. “Further to 90%, the highest Gallup has ever measured for a president” (Gallup Polls), scream the headlines in 2001, right after the 9/11 attack. At this moment, America had just received a grievous blow, like Thebes, and instinctively we looked for a strong

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1607 words - 6 pages George W. Bush as the Anti-Christ To really grasp the significance of the symbol of the anti-Christ we must first posit politics as itself symbolic. Politics is the semiotics of a nation's will: it becomes the People just as the People become it by being elected into office and participating in the political process, or in dictatorships, by following the rules and not forming underground movements. But in a democracy, it is an especially

President Bush:The Downfall of America A persuasive essay on why George Bush does not deserve the trust of America.

860 words - 3 pages Trust, a simple five letter word, but what does it mean? The dictionary defines it as firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. In 2000 George W. Bush was elected to office, and as the nation we were expected to give him our trust. Four years have past, and he is still asking for the nation's trust, but can the United States give it to him? President Bush has mislead and lied to the Congress, the country, and

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