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This Is An Informitive Paper About The Types Of Abusive Men And Explains Why They Are Abusive

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"Nearly one quarter of women in the US, more than 12 million, will be abused by a current or former partner some time during their lives"(Tigress 1). The same researcher also estimated that about 52% of female murder victims were killed by a current or former partner. Why are so many men abusive? Is it alcohol and drugs or are there other underlying reasons? What causes a man so much rage that they feel necessary to beat the women in their lives? Men who abuse cannot be categorized as its own because there is not one type of abuser. Instead, there are two main groups, they include "cobra" attackers and "pit bull" attackers. Both of which have serious problems that root back to their ...view middle of the document...

Such behavior, in the batterers mind, is an essential source of comfort.The second, less common, yet more severe type of abuser is the cobra. Unlike the pit bulls, whose hearts' race faster and faster as controversy escalates, the cobras, "calm themselves internally and focus their attention while striking swiftly at their wives with vicious verbal aggression" (Jacobson 4). 90 percent falling into this category are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, "a psychological condition in which the affected person appears indifferent to social norms or to the feelings of others." People with this kind of diagnosis have a history of childhood behaviors including episodes of lying, stealing, fire- setting and cruelty to animals. They are also known to come from a more chaotic family background (Tigress 3). They end up being less emotionally attached to their partners and are more likely to use weapons on them. In a study done of 63 couples, one abuser falling under the cobra category not only verbally and physically abused his wife over dinner, but persisted to mentally abuse her by spiting the dinner in her face( Jacobson 5). Due to the kind of background they went through, a cobra's motives in their abuse is to protect themselves from once again being controlled.A man who chooses to abuse the women in his life is not justified by the underlying reasons he does so. His actions are not to be taken lightly whether they are recurrent or not. If a man has an abuser profile then his actions will not cease unless the basis of the problem is acknowledged or met.

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