This Is An Opinion Essay About Us And Canada Joining As One Country

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As a student who studies politics and economics, I personally feel that it would be wise for two great countries such as USA and Canada to join as one big one. The two countries have already established free trade and both have strong economies. If the two countries will unite then it will help their economy, tax reduction and will spread out the population which will help Canada for example. Also it will set example to another countries and they might follow.It is known that USA and Canada have established a free trade and do allot of business together. If they join together as one country, they will be able to ship the resources all through out North America with no problem. Lets take wheat for example. If USA will not have the amount of resources, like wheat, needed to feed its people, Canadian provinces, like Alberta, who have a huge farming industry will be able to supply USA with what is needed when USA will help Canada later on. When we think technology, what if Canada had the technology that USA needs in order to get to a higher state in that field or technology and if Canada will share their discoveries or inventions, then USA will also be able to move on and share the findings with Canada. This way both countries will benefit.The alliance will also benefit the people. I think that if the county has a large population, then the government will be able to reduce the taxes because they might still get same amount but from a greater number if they lower the taxes. Canada has people who like warmth which will move south and America has people who like cold which...

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