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This Is Basically, A Broad And At Times Advanced Summary Of The Fur Trapping And Trade Companies At The Beginning Of The 1800's.. Written As If The Buisness Was Recently Created...

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Abattage Fur CompanyThe Abattage Fur Company has been in business for well over 80 years. We believe that one of main advantages over the competition is our excellent location of posts in America. Our great grandfather established these posts long before our competitors were born. We managed to set up multiple posts on the rivers of; The Mississippi, The Ohio; and The Hudson. As of now we are sponsoring an expedition to set up a post in the far west following the successful peregrination of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. We have found that our location of posts have given us an excellent strategical advantage as these locations are on major trade rivers. Not only that, but also these rivers are also full of water most of the year. We are also fully willing to use any other form of transportation if it will increase or profits.We would like to hire experienced hunters, as well as people who are good at sales. Zealotry is a good quality that we look for in people, they need tireless devotion to the business so that it can develop into the best that it can possibly be. We need people with intelligence, those will be the backbone behind the company. We will be looking for a central force, or an allover good person who can be trusted with company's most delicate secrets; he will be the glue that holds this company together. Our main goal is to higher people that are good workers and are easy to be around...

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822 words - 3 pages be considered independent of the historian. However, history is more than just these simple facts; it includes "the interpretation of these facts, the processing of them into a narrative with causes and effects" . This interpretation can be as valid for recounting the past, as it is valid for telling us about the writer and the period in which it was written. "Study the historian before you begin to study the facts" . The main

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703 words - 3 pages it definitely must have been a long time. Calling them savages just shows how close-minded and uncivilized we actually are.If we had left at least half of America for the Indians to stay on, there would have been much less of this unfortunate confrontation that has led to us oppressing them and them hating us. Now we are trying to enforce this Indian Removal Act to take even more land from them. To say that this Act is good and fair is

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'Whenever we look at texts from the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century what we see is masculinity in crisis'("portrait of the artist as a young man" James Joyce)

1625 words - 7 pages , written in very short sentences and either not expanding on ideas that are brought up or verging on obsessing over them: 'Wild spring. Scudding clouds. O life! Dark stream of swirly bogwater on which apple-trees have cast their delicate flowers. Eyes of girls among the leaves.' (p.194). This gives us the impression of a slight insanity. It is as if now that Stephen has found his calling in life he is delirious yet overwhelmed by the possibilities. His

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964 words - 4 pages instability and sometimes even panic on the world financial markets and thus affect many people's lives not necessarily directly at the place of the very problem.I believe these are the main reasons, why the Union establishes such a kind of political cooperation. Today, even "The European security and defence policy" as a part of the CFSP is implemented. It could lead to a common defence and military cooperation of the Member States in a near future. The Fifteen now declares that Europe's defence needs a change and they are decided to take responsibility for their own security increasingly into their own hands.

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1586 words - 6 pages live in a part of Russia known as The Pale (which is now in Poland.) If a Jewish person wished to live outside of The Pale they needed permission that was almost impossible to gain hold of. People living in The Pale at this time often became very poor as business owners could not compete with each other and bring in good enough profits. Inside Russia Jews had a very low status and were still poor compared to Gentiles (non

Perversion of nature. Comparing the ideal of science and nature at the time Rappaccini's daughter was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne

1472 words - 6 pages existences (Hawthorne, 2)." In contrast, Giovanni marvels when Beatrice reveals herself and instantly connects and intimates herself with all the garden's flowers, as if she were a sister to these "vegetable existences." Giovanni respects a communion with nature rather than a manipulation of it.Pietro Baglioni also disapproves of this controlling attitude towards Nature, even before he is aware of Rappaccini's doing with Beatrice. Baglioni is "of

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