This Is A Film Critique On The Movie, "A Trip To The Moon", Which Was Made In 1902.

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Have you ever watched something that made you want to hit the sack? Unluckily for you, like I, did you have to continue to watch it without having the option to get up and walk away? This is how I felt during one of my classes at school. I was in the first few weeks of Film as Lit and had to sit through fourteen grueling minutes ( of an ancient movie called Voyage dans la Lune, Le/A trip to the Moon (Melies, 1902 France). Although it was the screen's first science fiction story and is considered a masterpiece, I certainly was not impressed. A Trip to the Moon fails to capture my heart because of its tasteless scenery and scenes in the movie and the drones of boredom it releases with each arduous second that passes by.The first thing I despised automatically about the sorry excuse for a film was the male dominance in the roles. They had woman who were only their manservants. It did not please me to see that that was how women were thought of back then; just a servant to a man. They didn't have any involvement whatsoever in the planning of the mission to the moon. Besides that factor annoying me beyond belief, I was immensely bothered and bored to death with another scene. The scene where the men are arguing about the mission and voting to go or not felt like it took fourteen minutes alone. I felt like I was in the twighlight zone watching the same thing over and over...

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