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Cashier jobSkill Variety - Perform different tasks that require different skill. This is different from job growth which might require the employee to perform more tasks, but require the same set of skills. Cashier in the store performs a variety of different activities related to cash and clerical tasks. A cashier delivers fast, accurate and courteous customer service to all the customers. A cashier’s jobs involve sales, price checking, and greeting all the customers and co- workers.Task Identity - Create or perform a complete piece of work or job. This gives a sense of completion of whole and identifiable piece of work, from beginning to end. If you look at the cashier job, you are dealing with more than one dimension. You are dealing with customer’s service, you are dealing with the computers, and you are having more contacts with the customers than anybody else. Cashiers are the one who are giving customers the best shopping experience.Task Significant: This is the amount of impact that the job has on other people as the employee perceives. As a cashier’s job you can impact other co-workers depending on how well an employee aligns himself or herself with the company’s goals and expectation with an ideal flexible personality. Having impact on other involves performing his or her jobs well with honesty, hard work and on time. If you perform your jobs perfectly, you get rewarded, which make other worker also work harder so they can be rewarded too. As my personal experience as a cashier, at my work if you meet the sales goals or you get more customer fill...

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1559 words - 7 pages and sky. Creation of the heavens and the earth in Genesis is quite different. God split the waters and forms a firmament in between the waters. He called this firmament heaven. The author of Genesis tells how God created earth. The author says, “God said, ‘Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together in one place, and let the dry land appear.’ And it was so.” In the Enuma Elish, heaven and earth are created from the pieces of a god

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1119 words - 4 pages is called the ground-state energy level and go to an excited level. The level of excitation depends on the amount of energy that is applied to the atom by heat, light, or electricity. An atom consists of a nucleus (containing the protons and neutrons) and an electron cloud. The electrons in this cloud "circle the nucleus in many different orbits" (Bertolotti 51). In other words, if we apply some heat to an atom, we might expect that some of the

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3073 words - 12 pages consisted of marketing, design, engineering and manufacturing personnel. With the creation of this new team, Chrysler was able to cut more than a year from design-to-manufacture time, yet produced what outside experts rate as the highest quality vehicle Chrysler has produced (Sashkin, 1994, p.40). The example shows that a diverse team is more efficient if team members can contribute their strengthens and work well together.Upgrade Job SkillIn addition

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2264 words - 9 pages relations issues. Also, HRM was found as a means to bypass Industrial relations, this is evident through the Private sectors changing policies throughout time which gradually squeezed out Pluralist perspective. There must be a ability for unions to adapt to changing circumstances, with management practices gradually prioritizing Strategic HRM policies, and also recognizing the changing role of today's employee's throughout the private and public

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