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This Is A Magazine Article Curing The Signing Of The Munich Agreement When Hitler Toke Over Czechoslovakia.

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For weeks we have witness the demands of the all power Adolf Hitler, fürh of Germany on the Sudeten land. "For the German speaking people", he says. But is this the truth? Is this all Hitler wants from Czechoslovakia or is it more?What we do know is that the German leader's demand and movement has indeed increased. First rearmament, the reoccupation of the Rhineland, then the bombing of Guernica and uniting with Austria. These actions all broke the Treaty of Versailles and some say leading to another Great War. Let us look at the event leading to the Munich Agreement, one of the greatest appeasements in history.After the end of the Great War Germany was make to pay for the lost of millions of life in many different ways. Reparations was made to pay on the sum of £6.6 million, which was later reduced by more than half in 1929 by The Young Plan. 13.3% of Germany was given to neighboring countries or to set up buffer countries in prevention of war. As well as this, the Rhineland was made a demilitarized zone, the military was reduced and Germany was made to promise never to unit with Austria. Was this too harsh on the Germans? Some say no, if victory was fallen to the Germans what will the fate be for Britain?The end of the war saw the birth of The League of Nations, a world parliament where nations would meet together to settle arguments over the table and not over war. The idea of collective security brought more countries together. Each relying on the help of others if ever attacked. But with now Germany, Japan and Italy missing from the league and forming their own alliances, the threat of war are large.The world depression of the 1930's caused a giant fall in economies worldwide, which affected Germany greatly. In their desperation for a better future many Germans turned to Adolf Hitler and his ideas of a fascism government. Hitler's idea of a greater Germany is just what the French was afraid of. Quoted from his book 'Mein Kampf'- "Germany - Austria must be restored to the great German motherland". However no one was opposed to this, had Hitler been stopped then perhaps out troubles and fear of war from the Munich crisis would have never came.The German leader began his new occupation as the ruler by giving speeches of living in peace and friendship with his neighbors. A disarmament conference was...

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