This Is Acomparison And Contrast Essay Of The Different Advertising Strategies That Are Used By Coke And Pepsi.

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The Cola WarThe cola war between Coca-Cola and Pepsi is still raging, and the soft drinkbattle ground has now turned toward cyberspace. This assumption wholes true asone begins to study the web sites of these soft drink giants. The Coke and Pepsiwebsites both advertise and entertain their consumer, appeals to a youngerand trendier generation, using visual aides and pictures to make this appeal, whileconcentrating on their theme, appealing to our emotion, and relying on theircredibility to sell their product.The purpose of the Coka-Cola website is to advertise their product, and at thesame time entertain their consumer. This is evident by the link to the promotion ofCola Store that sell products containing the Coke logo ranging from apparel tooutdoor products (Coke). The Coka-Cola website also seek to entertain theirconsumer and this is visible by the link that can download the latest music,commercials, and sporting events that their products sponsor (Coke). Likewise,the Pepsi website purpose is to entertain its consumer, while at the same timeadvertising their products. Through the promotion link you can access otherwebsites that are sponsored by Pepsi (Pepsi). Likewise, the Pepsi website purpose is to entertain their consumer, and this evident by the link to download the latest music andsporting events (Pepsi). For this purpose, the Pepsi website tend to be more practicalto its consumers through the advertisement and promotion of their product. ThePepsi website links are more user friendly, and its more easy to move within thewebsite.Accordingly, these two website tend to target the younger and trendier generationof American consumers. The Coka-Cola website is targeted toward a youngerconsumer. An illustration of this would be the homepage of its website, with thepicture of the young lady holding the Coke soft drink with a blur of motion in thebackground (Coke). Likewise, the links that are avaliable on this website sports,music, commercials, are targeted toward the younger consumers (Coke). In thesame way, Pepsi has also targeted a younger generation through its website, and thisevident by the links to music, sports, and promotion and games (Pepsi). As a result,the Pepsi website appeals to its audience more effectively than Coke and this done by theirentertaining and fun links.For this purpose, Coka-Cola and Pepsi both use pictures and visual aides tocommunicate their message. The Coka-Cola website use a picture of a ordinarylooking young lady, that appears to be sitting down on a curb, and holding a Coka- Cola soft drink (Coke). This picture reiterate...

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