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This Is An Analytical Essay On Beowulf And The Role Of Evil Versus Good. It Talks About How Evil Is Needed To Define The Good Guy.

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Beowulf: "In the Path of Exile"A truly noble warrior, the mightiest man on earth, a high-bourne and powerful personleads his men through great battles. The distinguished one, the one who helps and counsels; he isvaliant and venturesome, showing extreme bravery and courage. He is the hero; he is the good.Grim powerful demons of destruction prowl through the dark, haunting the marshes. These God-cursed brutes, rule in defiance, gruesomely slaughter, mangle and murder, yet show no remorse.They are the enemy; they are the evil. There is an important connection between the enemy andthe hero, without this connection the hero is never defined. The evil enemy has essentialcharacteristics which lead to Beowulf as a hero. Not only do the Dane, Geat and readers see himas a hero, but most crucially he see's himself as a hero. I will argue the necessity of having anenemy, in comprehension of evil versus good, and how there must in fact be some sort ofrelationship between Beowulf and his enemies. Beowulf's death at the hands of the enemy fullydefines Beowulf as a hero and because of this he is forever remembered in history.Evil actions of the enemy are truly needed in each and every context in which a hero ispresent. In this poem this author wants us to understand and grasp the enemy from the verybeginning. These creatures, dark death shadows, are against all; they are a threat, a danger to allpeople and cause atrocious hurt, terror, turmoil and fear. These enemies help to define the hero; aperson worthy of respect, he is alert and preforms to the utter most, completing heroic feats withbravery, strength and courage.Beowulf wants to help the Danes and also prove to himself, that like his father Ecgtheow,he too can defeat the enemy," I meant to preform to the uttermost/ what your people wanted orperish in the attempt, / in the fiends clutches. And I shall fulfill thatpurpose, / prove myself with a proud deed/ or meet my death herein the mead-hall."(634-638)We must have these enemies, these shadow-bourne stealthy night shapes, present in orderfor us to fully comprehend Beowulf and his heroic deeds. We cannot recognize good standing allalone, lifeless, without action, and therefore good must be put into some form of action. Beowulftests himself three times against the enemy and it is because of these tests that he gainsdefinition.Beowulf's first test is to battle with the monstrous Grendel. The relationship betweenBeowulf and Grendel shows us the good in action and also how brave and daring Beowulf is,"Mighty and canny, / Hygelac's kinsman was keenly watching/ for the first move the monsterwould make." (735-737) Beowulf shows his strength when he battles with this atrocious creature,"The monsters whole/ body was in pain; a tremendous wound/appeared on his shoulder. Sinews split/ and bone-lappings burst.Beowulf was granted/ the glory of winning; Grendel was drivenunder the fen-banks, fatally hurt, / to his desolate lair. His dayswere numbered, / the end of his...

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