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This Is An Essay About "12 Angry Men", By Reginald Rose. It Describes Juror 6 And The Cons Of The Jury System.

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Juror 6:In the story "12 angry Men", by Reginald Rose, juror six is described as an honest but slow man, one who finds it difficult to create a positive opinion, and is often listening and slowly trying to understand the opinions of others, rather then forming his own. In the text of the play, we can find examples of many of these characteristics of juror six and even more that were not given to us by the author.The first, and most obvious attribute about his personality is seen in the play but cannot be found in words. This is the act of not talking. Although not written of course, six does not say anything until about two thirds of the way into the first Act. This shows how six is a very quite man and instead of talking, he just wants to listen and digest the opinion of the other jurors first. Even when six starts talking, the same qualities are still shown. "Six: I don't know. I started to be convinced, you know, with the testimony from those people across the hall" (12 Angry Men, p.137.) This quote from six clearly shows his slowness to the situation and also his characteristic of coming upon his opinions slowly and being hard to convince. I believe that Six does not really fully understand the entire situation with the murder and really isn't sure who he agrees with. However he takes all the jurors opinions into consideration and eventually makes the right choice to vote non-guilty.Another characteristic of six is that he is a calm man and is one of the few jurymen that actually wants to stay in the room and keep the debate going. Unlike almost all the other jurors in the room, six never loses his temper and is often the one to add encouraging or calming lines to another juror such as "How about sitting down" or "I think that's possible."More examples of six's personality are shown during the third vote, when he votes not guilty. Six is a very good-hearted man, however he is hard to convince, and only believed in the opinions of the not guilty party after countless proofs to the boy's innocence and only after he had more than enough time to digest these opinions. The third vote is the perfect time for six to change his vote because he is not to hasty to vote earlier, however he does not hold on to his old vote once he is convinced of the boy's innocence. The vote to not guilty also signifies his honesty. Many other jurors in the story, such as three, made decisions not entirely based on the facts, but instead, on personal problems within...

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1396 words - 6 pages about justice, and instead he leaves an impression of a sadist. Also, it can be shown that he is persistent is a very obnoxious way. In “Twelve Angry Men”, the main themes of the play were justice, prejudice and peer pressure. Both Juror 3 and Juror 8 had a lot to do with these themes. Let’s start with justice. The one juror representing justice in the play would be Juror 8; as a Juror, he did not necessarily want to uncover the whole

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