This Is An Essay On How To Date Your Houses Creation By Looking At Aspects On The Brick, Moulding And Other Stuff Etc.

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The house that is stationed on ___________ Ave. is a wonderful example of classic Victorian architecture. This can be easily distinguished as part of the Victorian era by the beautifully crafted Mansard roof that is clearly visible from the front of the house and the dormer that is jutting out of the Mansard roof. However identifying the age of the house may be tricky. This is due to the complete renovation of the first floor where clues to the age are most abundant. This is due to the fact that the first inhabitants wanted to show off their wealth and used many "cool" fashionable furnishing of their time to decorate the first floor. This was done to show off their wealth, style, and social status to their friends. The outside of the house is almost in perfect condition except for an addition to the back, but even if the house has been modified a lot can be told from the area of land that is sit upon. The envelope of this house is very long and narrow. This house is semi-detached. This shows that it was built in a time where land was valuable and city planners tried to mark plots of land as close together and as narrow as possible. This shows this house was built in a time where transportation had not yet developed to a convenient extent (cars) and many people were still either walking or biking to their destinations. This was around the pre-1920's. However since the house is mostly in it original condition assessing the exterior and interior will lead to more accurate results. Looking at the brick, it seems to be handmade therefore leading the assessor to conclude that the house was built pre-1970 when bricks became about twenty percent smaller more straight as opposed to the slightly irregular pre-1970's hand made brick. Also judging from the layout of the brick the house was made using two layers of brick. Since this method was abandoned in the 1940's for the cheaper, more "efficient" and heating friendly balloon framing method, which was created by a Chicago carpenter Augustine Taylor in the 1930's. This leads the assessor to believe that this house was built pre-1940's. The basic idea of the balloon framing method is still being used to erect houses to this day although more fire safe variations are now in place. With this method in place brick has now become a veneer. If a closer look is taken at the areas where the brick has been eroded a bit it can be seen that the brick has a reddish orange tone. This places the time of construction in between the years the late 1800's and the early 1900's, approximately between the years 1890 - 1920. If the mortar is taken into account then the time range of construction can be narrowed further. The mortar is a grey colour. This points toward the early 1900's. Although the grey mortar can lead to the conclusion that the house is pre 1890 the way that the house is built leads to another answer. The brick houses that were pre-1890 were usually stucco and brick. No stucco is used on the house at 57...

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