This Is My Graduation Project, It Compares Forensic Scientists And Lawyers

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This paper contains information about the two careers I find most interesting: lawyers and forensic scientists. I chose these careers because seeing people get justice for the wrongs done to them and knowing I helped them would be a great feeling. These careers are a good choice for me because I would be helping the people who can't defend themselves. I would be helping the people find peace by bringing justice to the people so they can get on with their lives. Being a forensic scientist, I could put the pieces of crime together to find the culprit who did the crime. If I was a lawyer, I could put those criminals away who committed the crime. The most exciting things about these careers is knowing at the end of the day I helped someone; because of me, someone received the justice they deserved.
Throughout the history of the world, forensic science has evolved over the years. One of the earliest recorded cases in which physical evidence was used to link a suspect to a crime was during the late 1780's in Scotland. During this time, a man was convicted of murder when the soles of his boots matched the plaster cast of the footprints at the crime scene ("Forensic" 65) In the late 1800's, scientists learned to analyze and classify poisons. This was very useful in detecting poisons in a body. In the 1900's, scientists used fingerprinting as a better way to identify a body. With the invention of x-rays, scientists could rely on dental records to identify a body in advanced stages of decomposition. Forensic pathology (medical examination of suspicious deaths) and ballistics (study of projectiles and how they are shot form fire arms) also came into prominence at this time. The study of ballistics was aided by the invention of the comparison microscope. The comparison microscope made it possible to compare the marks on bullets to determine the gun from which it was fired ("Forensic" 65). In 1932 the Federal Bureau of Investigation's laboratory was built. It is one of the first and largest laboratories in the country. With the evolution of forensic science, many opportunities have come about for forensic scientists ("Forensic" 66).
In contrast, the history of lawyers is quite different. Ancient Greece and Rome set up schools to teach young boys the many skills involved with pleading a case. During Napoleon's time, he assembled legal experts to organize and refine much of the European law. When English colonists came to America, they brought with them English common law. From these common laws, today's American laws have grown ("Lawyers and Judges" 383-384).
Forensic scientist's work environment tends to be both indoors and outdoors. Forensic scientists may work indoors to analyze evidence and/or may also work outdoors collecting the evidence at a crime scene ("Forensic" 68). In distinction, lawyers tend to work mostly indoors researching and preparing to go to court. They also spend some of their time in court rooms (McCullough 1). Forensic scientists...

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