This Is Essay About The Movie Seven Samurai, How A Little Village Used Stragegic Managemnet To Over Come The Problems The Village Was Facing

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SEVEN Samurai QuestionnaireBy: Dimple AnandPlease Answer The Following Questions Concerning The Strategy Developed And Used By The Japanese Village In The Akira KurosawaMovie "The Seven Samurai"Key QuestionsQ1) How did village gain strategic information?A1) By Consulting the village elder - "CEO - Granddad"Q2) What strategic decision was made by leader of the "competition"?A2) to hire SamuraiQ3) What was village's strategic problem and its timing?A3) They believe, that blinded by their prejudice and closed mindedness that every samurai is a bloodthirsty mercenary only interested in money and honing their skills.Q4) List 3 strategic approaches/solutions proposed by villagers.A4) Recruiting, Preparation, SiegeQ5) Did village have a CEO?A5) Yes, GranddadQ6) What was his strategic proposal?A6) He proposes the village hire a group of samurai to kill the bandits and protect themQ7) Was this based on experience?A7) YesQ8) What was HR obstacle to strategy noted by villagers?A8) HR obstacle was how they will pay samuraiQ9) What was his (CEO's) proposed solution?A9) CEO's propsed solution was decide to find a group of brave, honorable samurai who will protect them even without monetary compensation. And will accept three meals a day in exchange for protection.Q10) Did CEO think "outside the box?A10) YesQ11) Did he delegate responsibility for implementation?A11) NoImplementation IssuesQ1) How did village recruit a COO?A1) Village reruit COO- Kambei Shimada,because He shows his ability disguising himself as a monk and saving a child whom was being held hostage. Kambei is an old, wise Ronin (masterless samurai) who wanders in search of adventures. He's an honest man, the most knowledgeable of the group, his intelligence that puts him on top of everyone else.Q2) What was his implementation strategy?A2) His implementation strategy was to hire other samurai'sQ3) Did he align his HR strategy with his strategic plan?A3) YesQ4) How did he select recruits?A4) Kambei is weary of constant warfare; he is the first ronin-samurai to accept the farmer's mission, and recruits or attracts the other six samurai. Under Kambei's leadership, the seven samurai will mobilize the farmers and successfully defend their village against the Bandits.2. Gorobei Katayama (Yoshio Inaba): The second samurai recruited recognizes that "The deepest friendship often comes from a chance encounter," and accepts the mission because he is fascinated by Kambei, the leader.3. Shichiroji (Daisuke Katô): The third samurai...

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