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1. What are some drawbacks to and dangers of social networking? List at least five with an explanation of each. (10 points)
Some drawbacks and dangers of social networking are, (1) the decrease of face to face communication, this can hurt someone by making social interactions awkward because of the dependence to convey a message through a keyboard. (2) Some of your important information can be stolen that could hurt you like Identity Theft. (3) If you get bullied at school it could carry over online and you can be exposed to harassment which would be Cyberbullying. (4) You can be less Productive and waste time because you’re on social media instead of working, doing homework, etc. (5) You can potentially fall for an online scam which could give you a Virus.
2. What is online representation? What are some ways we represent ourselves on social media? List at least four ways. (10 points)
Online representation is your presence online. Some ways we represent ourselves on social media are, (1) having an account on a social media website like facebook, or twitter. (2) The images we upload on social media like pictures of ourselves or others. (3) The messages we post online. (4)
3. Why is it problematic to judge a person solely on their social networking profile and how can the...

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