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This Is Harry Potter Fan Fiction May Give You Some Ideas On A Creative Writing Assignment.

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The Summer of BlackPoor Sirius. His mum has forced him to spend all of the summer before his sixth year with his cousins, Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa, and brother Regulus.. How will he survive? Well, we're not sure ourselves. We do know that he will be exchanging letters often with his buddies James, Remus and Peter. Cackle.Prologue"SIIIIIIIIIIIIIRIUUUUUUSSS!" Mrs. Black yelled shrilly."Yes?" Sirius replied through gritted teeth."Pack your bags!""You're throwing me out?" he exclaimed hopefully, with visions of the Potter house dancing in his head."No! You're spending the summer with your cousins! And your brother," she added as an afterthought."Yay!" Regulus squeaked, his eleven-year-old voice not quite mature."Shut up, Reggie. I mean, Regina!" Sirius said tauntingly."Muuuuuuuum!""SIRIUS! COME HERE THIS INSTANT!" she shrieked."I am here, Mother," he said, rolling his eyes."I am going to give you a spanking!" Calling to the house elf, she yelled, "Binky! Come give Sirius a spanking!""I thought you were going to give me a spanking," Sirius muttered."That's enough!"~Chapter One-The Curse"We're here!" Mrs. Black called as she dusted the Floo powder off of her new robes. Regulus appeared soon after.Sirius slogged through the house, dragging his trunks behind him. "Andromeda?" he called hopefully. He did rather like her. She was in Gryffindor as well, unlike all his other Slytherin relatives."Hellooooo!" his aunt Ananda replied, sending chills up Sirius' spine."Hey Sirius," Andromeda said cheerfully, bounding down the marble stairs. "How's your summer been so far?""Gloomy," he whispered, so his mother couldn't hear. "Just great!" he said a bit louder."Ah. Well, come on, I'll show you where you're staying!" she replied, running up the stairs, Sirius following.When they reached the top, Sirius panting, Andromeda stopped suddenly."What?" Sirius gasped, trying to regain his lungs."Watch out for Bella," she whispered. "She's been in an evil mood.""Why?" Sirius asked, his curiosity piqued."Because her precious Rodolphus hasn't written her in two whole days," she replied, mocking."Eww. . . Rodolphus Lestrange? Sick.""I know. Anyway, watch out for her."As they walked by her room, Sirius heard some strains of music.Everyone's life sucksWe all only die in the end (baybay)All you can do is make a few bucksAnd then you DIIIIEEEEE again. . .Sirius shuddered. Not only was this dark, depressing music, but it was also just flat out BAD. He couldn't believe even Bellatrix could sink that low."This is my room," Andromeda announced, opening her door briefly for Sirius to get a glimpse of a poster of some wizarding band called It's All Hunky-Dory. They were from Australia or someplace, and every girl in Hogwarts was constantly swooning over them, making it rather hard for a bloke to get a date now and then."This is Narcissa's room," she continued. "She just turned twelve, so she thinks she's soooo groovy. She's allowed to wear make-up now, and she is completely...

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